Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Hip Hip Hooray!

Happy first birthday to Choco Mumbo Jumbo!

May it continue to inspire me and others to let wordsmiths prevail across this beautiful planet. Who knows, maybe one day we will rule the world.

PS: Thank you to the S.O's Sister Person for the appropriate candle - it smells like heaven ought to...a fusion of coffee, chocolate and ice cream. When I first laid eyes on it, I almost gave it a lick before I realised it was a candle.

And totally off topic: the Michael Bublé is a bad ass. Seriously, he said so himself at the most amazing live performance I've been to. He blamed journalists (a tad too much in my opinion!) for his nice guy image. But really, Mikey we journo's are not at all that bad. But let me admit that you are good, oh so very good on stage...and if you are like that in reality, well then I reckon you are a perfect guy. But let me stop writing as if he is going to read this. Back to his gracing Johannesburg with his everything.

Besides everyone being serenaded with his crooning voice, there was laughter and entertainment. Hell, it was as if I was at a stand up comedy night, a play and a concert all at one go. He is such a nice fella that he came into the crowd to take a picture with a very lucky eleven year old and his grandfather. On his way back to the stage, an even luckier lady got to grab his ass. Not only grab it but hold it and hoist it a bit into the air. Hubba Hubba!

There is a lot of sentimental value to his song Home. Before he sang it, he mentioned how difficult it was for him as an up and coming artist but there was a country where he was doing well. He then called his dad up to tell him:
Dad: Well, where is it?
MB: It's South Africa. (Crowd cheers) That is why when I am here I will always feel at home.
At that point I heard the beginning of Home. As my heart started to race out of my rib cage, I felt really hot and salty water stung my eyes. It was pure magic...from the first to the last moment.

As T.S Eliot once said: "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Tis a strange strange world

The world turned on its head for a moment last night. Or at least for the duration of an intriguing movie on telly: Africa Paradis - meaning Africa Paradise in English. Set in a future where Europe has fallen to poverty while Africa has successfully merged to form a powerful United States of Africa, it centers around a computer programmer, Olivier and his girlfriend school teacher, Pauline.

They try to get a visa legally, and wait outside the African embassy in France. The queue is long and the French are desperate. Sadly for them, their visa is rejected whereby they decide to get into Africa illegally, and even work the menial jobs on offer, even though they are young, in the peak of their lives and very much so educated professionals.

Call me conditioned by society but I felt weird, to say the least, to see an influx of Europeans into Africa, even if it was in a movie....Our reality is the reverse. Most, if not all people from the developing world dream of the 'better' life they can get in the First World.

And here in South Africa, people immigrate in droves for different reasons: the crime, the unemployment and Lord knows what else. I mean, even S.O and I have had fleetingly discussions about leaving the country. Somehow the oodles of optimism just post 1994 seemed to have dwindled and I too, a self confessed patriotic, have been having second thoughts seep into the edges of my mind.

There are signs that things are not looking good, but I sometimes wonder if people are seeing a hurricane in a tea cup. Or am I being naive? Will I change my mind about this country if I have to experience how it is to live in distant shores, and not feel scared all the bloody time about becoming a statistic to crime. Yes, I admit, I am so cautious to a point of paranoia. I mean, you know you are losing it when you do not feel safe in your own bed and think every noise is someone trying to break into the house. Or that every stranger on the street has malicious intent. Or when you are scared of stopping at a red robot because there is a chance you may get hijacked. Yes, paranoia is now my constant companion.

And what is even a further dampener on the situation is the book I am reading: Swahili for the Broken Hearted: Cape Town to Cairo By Any Means Possible written by Peter Moore. Yes, Africa is beautiful but there are the things like corruption and crime that has a way of seeping into the story. And his experience in Johannesburg in particular, was distressing. And when you see it in black and white and in a book, it's hard to deny the reality of they way we live.

So all of this just got me pondering about my love for Africa, being an African (even though I have been told numerous times that just because I am not of a certain hue I am not African)where I belong, if I do actually belong and where to from here.

As yet, there are no easy answers, but then again are there ever?

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

WWW - World Without Writers :(

So, the American Guild of Writers are on strike...and have been for the past few weeks. Call me biased, but I am glad they are on strike.

They are the creative force behind the shows we have come to love, characters that have become like family and plots that are intertwined in our lives.

There are even those shows that have sentimental value....when we look back at ones like Knight Rider, Air Wolf and even Friends, it helps defines eras of our life. Whether we were teenagers, students or even in our 20s, it added pizazz to make that certain part of our lives all the more memorable.

And since I am on a soapbox, let me express my hate for reality television. Just the way news has been dumbed down thanks to trashy tabloids, so has television been tarnished with reality television. How much of reality is actually involved? For instance Big Brother is taped 24 hours a day, right? But the show just airs for an hour, what happens to the rest of it? Obviously, the mundane reality is edited out to make it more sensational so ratings sore.

And that what it comes down to - ratings and money. It sucks.

Viva the writers, viva!

Monday, 12 November 2007

I can't even think of a heading

I think my muse is AWOL. Uh huh, I do not even have an inkling of inspiration to write, read, take pictures and just share the mundaneness of this thing called my Life. Sigh...

I've been glued to the TV couch like a stain that won't go away. Another sigh...

So as I grind the pace of My Life to a near halt, things are happening around me: people get up and go to work, there are world changing events and dammit, the grass has turned green (ALREADY?).

It's almost as if I've jumped off this spinning blue, green and brown sphere. Triple sigh...

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Choco mania hits

The Sister Person bought this for the female parental unit...needless to say I hijacked it on sight.
More important - what's in the box: every sort of yummy chocolate biscuit. Naturally it took every last ounce of my willpower not to wolf it down as if it was my last day on earth.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Tim Tam Tarts and cup cakes

Skanky is getting back into the rat race ...but only for a while. Just as well we spent a girlie week together.

The POA (Plan of Action) was to watch Rent, bake cup cakes topped with brightly coloured icing (according to the Sister Person, they look like cup cakes for Barbie), watch V for Vendetta and chat... a lot. And indeed we did, minus the numerous occasions I passed out into the world of dreams. Me suspects the Sandman was working over time.

And after all I heard about Tim Tams, I finally got to eat it...even if I could not do it "the correct way." I could feel the disappointment emitting from Skanky's pores, but I promise to try harder next time.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Some days, even chocolate is not enough

Insomnia has a bad habit of keeping you awake. Instead of tossing and turning fruitlessly in my bed, or playing don't-stop-pressing-the-buttons on the TV remote, I decided to delete unnecessary mail from my inbox.

I found the following e-mail (and did not delete it) and though it is a bit of a read, I reckon it is worth every second of your time:

skanky _ _

priya and snaffy
(addresses omitted for the sake of keeping weirdos away)

6 Jun 2007 14:06

The origins of love and madness...

A long time ago, before the world was created and humans set foot on it for the first time, vices & virtues floated around and were bored, not knowing what to do.

One day, all the vices and virtues were gathered together and were more bored than ever. Suddenly, Ingenious came up with an idea: "Let's play hide and seek!"All of them liked the idea and immediately Madness shouted: "I want to count, I want to count!" And since nobody was crazy enough to want to seek Madness, all the others agreed.
Madness leaned against a tree and started to count: "One, two, three.." As Madness counted, the vices and virtues went hiding.

Tenderness hung itself on the horn of the moon... Treason hid in a pile of garbage... Fondness curled up between the clouds...and Passion went to the centre of the earth.... Lie said that it would hide under a stone, but hid at the bottom of the lake... whilst Avarice entered a sack that he ended up breaking.

And Madness continued to count: .... "seventy nine, eighty, eighty one..." By this time, all the vices and virtues were already hidden - except Love. For undecided as Love is, he could not decide where to hide. And this should not surprise us, because we all know how difficult it is to hide Love. Madness: "...ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven..."

Just when Madness got to one hundred.........Love jumped into a rosebush where he hid. And Madness turned around and shouted: "I'm coming, I'm coming!" As Madness turned around, Laziness was the first to be found, because Laziness had no energy to hide. Then he spotted Tenderness in the horn of the moon, Lie at the bottom of the lake and Passion at the centre of the earth. One by one, Madness found them all - except Love.

Madness was getting desperate, unable to find Love. Envious of Love, Envy whispered to Madness: "You only need to find Love and Love is hiding in the rose bush."Madness grabbed a wooden pitch fork and stabbed wildly at the rosebush.Madness stabbed and stabbed until a heartbreaking cry made him stop.

Love appeared from the rose bush, covering his face with his hands. Between his fingers ran two trickles of blood from his eyes. Madness, so anxious to find Love, had stabbed out Love's eyes with a pitch fork. "What have I done! What have I done!" Madness shouted. "I have left you blind! How can I repair it?" And Love answered:"You cannot repair my eyes. But if you want to do something for me, you can be my guide." And so it came about that from that day on, Love is blind and is always accompanied by Madness.

And it made me realise a helluva lot, especially after the day S.O and I had...because there is no better way to describe Love than sheer madness.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Disappointment is a bitter pill to swallow

Two people - myself and S.O.

An uber luxurious car - a caddi.

Destination - Port Elizabeth, a ten hour drive, give or take, from Johannesburg.

By hour five I want to see the ocean, bask in the warm sun and dip my feet in the cool water.

Only to reach a couple of hours later to cold winds and a volatile ocean.

Freaking bloody hell!

At least I still had choccies with me...my only salvation.

Monday, 24 September 2007

We are the champions

Golly gosh, India must be the biggest party as I write this. After all they just won the first 20/20 World Cup Cricket .


Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Just stuff

I bought this suit case recently. With my imagination, I can almost hear the steam engine getting ready to take off, hear the flutter of people rushing to get into heir carriages, see how elegant the women of the 1920s/1930s dressed and how gentlemanly the gentlemen were.

A chocolate candle...smells delectable! I feel like a druggie getting a hit whenever I go near it. S.O's Sister Person got it as a wedding gift. It's begging me to eat it!

Monday, 17 September 2007

Jo'burg Day

Picnic Basket - check.
Cooler Bag with sandwiches and drinks - check.
Blanket and pillows - check.
Eager to see various South African bands and musicians- check.
My skin roasting under the scorching sun - snag. (The question that boggles my mind is what happened to spring? It seems the weather here in Johannesburg jumped straight from winter to summer.)
Constant back and stomach ache for the day - snag.
Merciful cool bed sheets at the end of the day - seemingly my only reprieve.

Now why the hell is Blogger not letting me upload photos? Grrr.....

Sunday, 9 September 2007

I yen for discipline

I reckon it is alright to indulge oneself every now and then..whether it be with a bar of chocolate, a long bath or even a new game.

On the other hand, indulging in laziness makes me feel guilty. Take last week - 6 days of pure nothingness. It was one of those weeks where I cannot really say I accomplished much. Er, maybe just a face mask, a manicure and pedicure, lots of telly watching and reading.

Gosh, I just got to make it up this week and drag my sorry self to do some work. To keep myself motivated, let me just imagine hordes of people cheering me on when I do eventually do something.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Sparkling and squeaky

Who would have ever thought that one person could collect such copious amounts of clutter? Erm, maybe not all clutter, but stuff!

You see, in the spirit of spring, I have decided to clean my room, pack my cupboards (yes, cupboards with an S), bring out my summer clothes as my winter ones go into hiding, sort out my book shelf and PC desktop, amongst other things. To those of you who are familiar with my ordered chaos method, you may now pick your jaws up from the floor.

In me doing this, hopefully the clutter in my mind will be easier to sort. You know, when I have room to breath then maybe I am able think better - but that is just my half baked theory. Here's to keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed on that.

In the mean time I will delight in being able to find my hairbrush without sifting through the war fare that was my room.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Happy Spring Day

Okay, so it is a day late, but what the heck?
That means soon enough it is going to be time for regular ice cream, enjoying the warm sun outside, booking holidays, wearing skirts, and braais! (SA term for BBQs - I braai strictly veggies though)
And may my boots not gather too much dust in the furthest corner of my cupboard.
Let the goods times start rolling.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Blimey, it is the end

It felt as if Harry Potter had become a good friend. I mean even though he had to battle absolute evil, there were so many people that identified with him on different levels. And even if it is not the greatest literature ever written, it certainly was the best selling.

Last night my eyes glazed over the last sentence of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Finished. Gone. Kaput! Now Harry Potter, the friend, will never be read. It is bittersweet.

"Au re-voir 'Arry," as Fleur might say.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Recent acquisitions

Secretly gleeful, I opened up birthday present after birthday present. Let me be the first to admit, I love presents...so much so that I will not elope so I can get wedding gifts!

So, after the big 2 and 5 here is the mandatory list of what material gains I have made:

  • A chocolate fondue set
  • A Cross pen - it looks like a bullet and it is made from chrome.
  • Lots of jewellery: beaded necklaces, a bracelet, red ear rings and even sterling silver ones !
  • Clothes (but of course...)
  • A wee cute organiser for next year (talk about planning ahead!)
  • A Fone Sox (FYI: it's pink and its got hearts on it to match my pink phone. It looks like a baby's sock)
  • Chocolates (naturally)
  • A CD - Michael Buble: Call me irresponsible
  • A perfume set with a matching hand bag
  • More pens and key rings.
  • An old fashioned case with angels on it.
  • A decadent late night snack of strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate!

So a BEEEG THANK YOU to all of you, for the wishes, the time, coping with my brooding and for being you.

Now we can all look forward to next year. Evil laugh

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

1982 was a year that...

...the first CD made its public appearance in Hannover, Germany.
...the Golden City Press (now just City Press) hit South African news stands.
... a computer scientist, Scott Fahlman, from Carnegie Mellon University suggested the use of smileys (or emoticons) to express emotions in emails. :-) Good on you Scott!
...Micheal Jackson released his second solo album, Thriller.
...the first issue of USA Today was published.
...where movies such as ET; Annie, Poltergeist and Gandhi graced movie screens.
...popular shows like Magnum PI, Dynasty and Knight Rider changed fashion trends .
...and well, after some hours of labour, me mum gave birth to yours truly...two months and some days premature.
It's my party and I can cry if I want to.
A not so happy birthday to me...don't argue, aging is always quite depressive.
Let me rather have some dark, depressing chocolate.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Just a quickie

I have been marinating in misery. Well, part of me anyway. You see, it is a mere 8 days away. Just 8 days before I become a quarter century...and that sounds old. And maybe that means I have to become more adult like. But I still want to fight it. So yeah, a quarter century approaches.....arghhhh!

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The mother of it all

Grey is the colour of my Cape Town trip

Dammit! How is this for luck: I trek to Cape Town after a whole 19 years and what do I see? Well, not much. For one thing, there is Table Mountain and I was gleefully going to take pictures and brag that I finally seen it again. However, she seemed rather shy and preferred to cover herself up in clouds and rain. Yes, that is what she decided to wear even after not seeing her for almost 20 bloody years.

Oh and the other attractions you may ask? Like the V&A Waterfront that was a mere escalator away from me. Well, let me tell you that because the wind seemed so angry I thought it would be safer to stay in the hotel room. She may have blown me away and I could feel her rocking the stopped car underneath. If the car had been lighter, I shudder to think what could have happened. She was out for revenge I tellya! She also had this cold cold bite, that I felt in my bone marrow. Brrr...

Weather in Mpumalanga also had her moods - going through PMS I reckon. But I did manage to fit in canoeing, a bird trail and being thrown into a freezing cold pool. S.O, his family and I went. Let me admit, I was a tad nervous, not like I have been on holiday with the entire family before. But it was fun and S.O has the potential to be a traveller after all. Now we just have to pack our bags and hit the road (or sky) again.

The sun was behaving quite strangely as well. I am not sure what was happening, but the sun was a shade of orange that I have never seen before. The end of the world perhaps? In addition, when I pulled out my camera to take a photo, a line appeared through the sun. Thinking there may have been something wrong with me camera, I checked with the other one. And lo and behold, there was the line through the sun again. Quickly, I began to snap away. Alas, the line did not appear in the photo itself. But at least I got pictures of the weird orange sun and the cheese yellow moon.

An orange sun?

A very yellow moon

Pictures by Priya

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

In with the old...II

Seven years is a long time not to see someone...even if you were merely acquaintances. But when you were good friends, then it is simply awful.

Imagine my surprise last night when a high school chum strolled into my house as if no time had passed. Sure, we've seen each other sporadically but this made my jaw drop to the floor and I hope I did not look like a total idiot.

We always said we will meet up, deep down knowing it will never happen...but this did happen. And I was happy to be wrong this time.

We managed to time line the past seven years over coffee, whisky, a martini and cosmopolitan...in a space of three hours. It felt too short, too quick, a mere flutter of a butterfly's wing.

So Rishen (a.k.a Juggies, Jugs) thank you for popping in. Here's to our friendship never hitting the pause button again. May we always laugh at old memories and make even better ones hereon after.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Save the cheerleader. Save the world.

On Newsday:

NBC's surprise-hit fantasy drama "Heroes" was named program of the year last night at the 23rd Television Critics Association Awards in Beverly Hills. NBC also took two other major trophies: best new program for its ratings-challenged drama "Friday Night Lights" and best comedy for "The Office." HBO was a repeat winner in drama for its last season of "The Sopranos," which additionally earned the 220-member group's Heritage Award for enduring impact on media and culture.

Individual achievement honors reached beyond the usual suspects.

Michael C. Hall's title portrayal in Showtime's quirky new serial-killer saga "Dexter" took TCA's drama category, while the critics' comedy nod went to Alec Baldwin's breakout work as a loopy TV executive in NBC's "30 Rock."

Discovery Channel's breathtaking high-definition nature panorama "Planet Earth" took two category awards, in news/information and movies/miniseries/specials. ABC Family's teen-led fantasy drama "Kyle XY" won for children's programming.

The TCA's prestigious award for career achievement went to Mary Tyler Moore in a ceremony at the Beverly Hilton hotel ballroom, familiar site of the Golden Globes. Her long-ago "Dick Van Dyke Show" cohorts Dick Van Dyke and Carl Reiner are among the award's previous recipients.


And after a Heroes marathon this past weekend, I am enthralled by it and want a second marathon. This show leaves me astounded, it really does.

Oh and I am loving Peter Petrelli (played by Milo Ventimiglia). He is quite the dish - a yummy one. Hmmmm...

Friday, 20 July 2007

Older people always know...

They're old and look somewhat frail. Well, some of them do. But the world leaders that comprise a group called the Global Elders are on a do-good mission. If you have not heard, South African former president Nelson Mandela launched Global Elders this week. It is made up of 12 'wise men and women' who will address global issues.

Some of the 12 are: Mr Mandela and his wife, Graca Machel, Archbishop Desmond Tutu; Jimmy Carter, the former American president; Mary Robinson, the former Irish president; Kofi Annan, the former secretary general of the United Nations; and Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel laureate economist and founder of the Green Bank in Bangladesh; Li Zhaoxing, the former foreign minister of China, has also been invited to join, along with Ela Bhatt, the Indian activist and founder of a women's association. Gro Harlen Bruntland, former prime minister of Norway and director of the World Health Organisation, may also become a member and Burmese opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who is now the prisoner of the military junta despite her victory in a democratic election in 1990. The initiative was the brainchild of Sir Richard Branson and the musician Peter Gabriel.

But on the TV show Charmed, there is also an all knowing groups called The Elders. According to Wikipedia the Elders are a fictional group of people who oversee good magic. They wear long white robes and are very wise. They monitor earthly events from heaven, are often seen meditating and strive for overall good in the world.

Nevertheless, the question begs: did Sir Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel get inspired by the Elders of Charmed? I certainly suspect it.

I really do hope the world will become a better place after the Global Elders get to work.

Here's wishing them more than luck but a guaranteed victory.

To the Elders! (both magical and human...)

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

SIX, six, 6, Six, sIX, VI

Six years ago today, S.O and I started on a sojourn of note. Neither of us would have dreamt it would still be continuing today.

It's been everything, all encompassing, and the best school in life: joy, tears, anger, smiles, the fights, making up. lessons learnt (and still learning) and stolen precious moments.

Here's to the greatest journey of our lives...may it be eternal.

Thank you, S.O.

Friday, 6 July 2007

In his words

Priya: We'll be going to the UB40 concert straight after work.
The Father Person: Okay.
Moment of silence.
The Father Person: So, you will be seeing that guy who always wears glasses?
Priya: Who? Wha?
The Father Person: That one...the one who is an activist, that political one.
Priya: *thinks* Oh no, that's Bono from U2.
The Father Person: So who are you going to see?
Priya: UB40
Moment of silence
The Father Person: So, there is a U20 and a U30 then...see the comic strip in the paper *roars laughter*

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Its a Hebra

It's a horse. It is a zebra. No, it is a Hebra. Maybe even a Zorse. Who knows?

But whatever she is, she is an eye catcher, that's for sure.

This is what happens after a holiday romance when a German horse called Eclipse and an Italian zebra called Ulysses decide to romp in the hay.

The product? A hybrid called Eclyse. Now, she is an attraction at a safari park in Schloss Holte Stukenbrock, near the German border with Holland.

Perhaps now the Germans will stop taking their horses to Italian ranches for holiday, no?

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

White wonderland

Look at the snow on top of the leaves...looks like jewels for the picking

The snow on our front lawn....and a few of the neighbour's yards too.

Pictures by Priya


Little white angels gently caressing the air before falling to the ground...it is a pity that I missed it actually falling but I think I covered up when I ran out of the house in my PJs to take photos. A few neighbours may now think that I belong in an asylum...but what the hell? It was worth it. I even managed to make a mini snowball but there was no one to throw it at...DAMN!

Forgive my excitement, but I feel like a lil wee kiddie on Christmas morning...with the snow! Alright, here in Johannesburg we hardly ever get a chance to have this experience and it thrilled me to my bones.

Oh, and thanks to those who tried to wake me up last night to watch the snow as it fell. However, my phone was on silent so I stayed in dreamland instead of running out to play.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Lyrics to Live by...II

Three songs I am really loving at the moment(both the lyrics and the videos):

Linkin Park - What I've done

Nickelback - If everyone cared

John Mayer - Waiting on the world to change

Friday, 15 June 2007

This new header means...

...that I know a certain genius someone, who is also brilliant when it comes to photoshop. Damn that girl has many talents!

And that certain someone has become my friend, a confidante and my sister.

We have experienced a world of adventures since we wrote profiles on each other in Journalism 101...who have have ever thought back then that I would be blogging about her today?!

So to you, dearest Susu, a heartfelt thanks...for the header, the laughs, the bitching sessions and the cake!

You are one of the best skanks I know.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Tag again

I have been hunted down to do a tag again...this time by Lord Anshul.

I have a theory here: tags a just sneaky ways of bloggers to seem more real. But we not, dammit, we are not! Just entities randomly meeting in a fashionable club called bloggerville.

1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it?
On my right hip...teeth marks from a dog that felt the need to make a meal out of me. So yeah, the marks are on both sides of my hip.

2. What is on the walls in your room?
They bare...makes my room look a tad neater. :) oh, wait, and mirrors with Pinocchio characters on them.

3. What does your phone look like?
It is a frosted pink one that slides open.

4. What music do you listen to?
ooooh, lots; rock, alternative, instrumental, bollywood, jazz

5. What is your current desktop picture?
A pic of sun rays peeping from the clouds (the home PC)

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
I want my bed and sleep!

7. Do you believe in gay marriage?
Whats not to believe in?

8. What time were you born?
Uh, good question. Will consult with Parental Unit.

9. Are your parents still together?

10. What are you listening to?
A local radio station, and I am not sure of the song

11. What's something people may not know about you?
There is a reason it is not known... :)

12. The last person to make you cry?
His name is Hormonal Imbalances

13. What is your favourite perfume/cologne?
Cashmere Mist or Vanilla Fields...depends

14. What kind of hair/eye color do you like on the opposite sex?
Dark hair and light eyes....hmmmmm... but on anybody, not only the opposite sex.

15. Do you like pain killers?
I would not be able to live without them, seriously.

16. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
No, but I would be as scared as hell!

17. Favourite pizza topping?
Mushrooms, chili and feta cheese

18. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Something soothing....like butternut soup

19. Who was the last person you made mad?
S.O...but then I do lose my temper easily too... poor guy

20. Is anyone in love with you?
Again, S.O

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Extreme makeover: blog edition

A disturbing thought fleeted into my mind: my previous pink template was something Paris Hilton would have liked and her role model, Barbie would have approved of it too. It was also girlie girl, and I only have a few girlie moments.

And though my love affair with pink is not over entirely, my pink blog was begging to be released out of its misery.

A nip, a tuck, months of pain (translated into a couple of split seconds in blog time)and a few brush strokes later: voila!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Is that a horn I hear?

Yes, and I am tooting it myself. :)

But in any case, bloggers may be interested in reading this: a story about blogs.

This week on Post Secret

One for the ladies out there...even if you do not want a male in the future. :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Ode to Frosty from the other mummy

My baby, you are gone
and I’m still here
I don’t know how to carry on
Year after year

Your passing has left a hole
That will forever remain in my soul
More than a year
And I still feel the same

The pain so raw
It visits again and again
It’s so hard to face the days without you
You are constantly in my thoughts

But I wish you were with me
I will never be the same
Your warm soulful knowing eyes
Our loving dreams

And playful schemes
We’d never say good byes….
Your tender kisses
Sometimes clumsy, sometimes wet
There is just so much more

That can be said
My pain at your absence
Is as deep as my love for you
You showed me what I needed to see

The love that lived in you
Also lived in me
I miss you more then you can ever know
And more than I can ever show!

Written by a heartbroken “mommy”
Varshika (a.k.a The Sister Person)

Friday, 1 June 2007

A bloody rude awakening

Its 2am. My nasal passages rival a bad orchestra as I happily trot around dreamland. A sudden light forces me to open my one eye that just accepts to wake up! Grrrrrr...

The Father Person: Priya, wake up. I want you to send a message for me. There is this competition on TV and you can win R10 000.
Priya: Wha?!
The Father Person: Just send the message *he actually explains how he got the right answer and it was so easy!*
Priya: *Types away with one eye open* Its not going through
The Father Person: Send it again
Priya: It is NOT going through... these things are just money making schemes! *fights to sleep again as she fumes*


Monday, 28 May 2007

All dogs go to Heaven

It's a year today that Frosty Baby moved there. I always wondered how I could live without him, and today I am still wondering.

"God Bless our Pets
They say memories are golden
Well, that may be true.
I never wanted memories.
I only wanted you.
A million times I needed you.
A million times I cried.
If Love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
No one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway
And heartache made a lane.
I'd walk to heaven
And bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken.
And nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will link again."
- Envirocin

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Tag tag tag

Jennifer, asked me for 8 habit/facts about me. I did not realise it was so hard!

1. Habit: I split my split ends. I know, I should rather have it trimmed, but where is the time?
2. Fact: I eat five small meals a day and still get hungry very often.
3. Fact: Bananas and apples seem like mediocre fruit to me.
4. Habit: I only drink water at room temperature
5. Habit: I tend to look at me shoes a lot when I am wearing them.
6. Fact: The Bother Person calls me Hobbit.
7. Fact: To the S-O I am like Dory from Finding Nemo, because of my bad memory. (eh, no laughing please)
8. Habit: I am addicted to bargains and shop at places others would not dare to step into.

If you chose to accept this mission and do this, it is amazing how much you learn about yourself.

Township time

Friday: Kliptown Informal Settlement
Monday: Daveyton
Tuesday: Lenasia South Informal Settlement
Wednesday: Tswelelang near Wolmaransstad

I have been spending many hours in these seemingly forgotten areas. It breaks my heart that in this day and age some people are still using the bucket system as a toilet. Some people still rely on gas stoves and candles. Some people have to share a single tap with an entire street. Some people have nothing more than one jersey to keep them warm even though temperatures have recently plummeted in South Africa.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Down a yellow path

Alright, I admit it. I give up and raise the white flag. Hand over the olive branch. You name the defeated metaphor and I would have done it by now.

Yes, I suffer from Dorothy Syndrome - I love red shoes! And you know even after meeting the Tin Woodsman, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow and defeated a Wicked Witch, this has got to be the best part of having DS.

Red shoes....hmmmmm...

PS: If you need to refresh the memory of this wonderful fable, read this.

Friday, 11 May 2007

More lyrics

The K-Man posted a lovely song on his blog and it reminded me that I love this song:


"How To Save A Life"

Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And you begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Let him know that you know best
Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
And pray to God he hears you
And pray to God he hears you

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours and grant him one last choice
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you've followed
He will do one of two things
He will admit to everything
Or he'll say he's just not the same
And you'll begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

I have been whoring around:

....for chocolates
....for books
....for sleep
....for blogging
....for writing
....for vodka with peach ice tea
....for vanilla anything
....for ice cream
....for popcorn

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Time Travel IS possible

Freddy's baaaacccckkkk...

Well, maybe not quite. But the Nightmare on Elm Street DVDs are out. The Sister Person bought them and I was bursting the seams of my jeans to watch them. However, I only got through number one of seven thus far.

Those screechy knives for fingers, glamorous burnt skin and that red striped T-shirt - he leaves many girls screaming, even though it is in terror.

But Freddy seemed to be quite the comedian now. Alright, but there are a few scenes that stuck out in my memory like the succulent Johnny Depp (even with his big hair and narrow narrow jeans, there is no other word to describe him) being suctioned by his bed or Tina being killed on the ceiling.

And today on the Disney Channel I came across The Little Mermaid. Okay, so confession time: I was crazy about this movie, specifically Ariel. More than having memorised the dialogue (and I still remember it to this day!), I had the doll, the books, the jammies, the clothes. You name it and ten year old Priya had it (or whatever age I was back then). I still have it all packed away.

Ah, the way movies can serve as time travel machines. Screw those scientists who refute the possibility of it!

Literary Escapades

As if my life does not have enough chocolate, I stumbled onto books about it.

And I just had to bring these to the attention of other bloggies.

Spectacle A: Better than chocolate: 50 proven ways to feel happier by (eejit) Siimon Reynolds

As the title would have it, there are no prizes for guessing what the book is about. My two word book review can be summed up as: WHAT SHITE! At the back of the book, they say: "Why fall back on chocolate when you can experience bliss?" Baawaaaahhaaa! CHOCOLATE = BLISS Obviously this Double-I-Siimon fellow has never in his sad life experienced the glory of chocolate. What an arse, a royal stupid man arse with his ostrich head in the sand. I did not bother to go past page 7.

Spectacle A: The Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson

I found this treasure at the most unlikely of places: The Crazy Store even though X did not mark the spot. But anyhoo, this is going to be far longer than a two word book review so read at your peril. I do not think guys will really fancy this one, being more chick lit than anything else. But these sort of books help ease the tension after a long, long, long day at the evil office.

It centres around Amber Salpone who as they say 'thinks in chocolate'. In fact, she is thee expert to tell you what chocolate you will be. Mind you this is what we used to do in high school according to how people looked: my best friend was Peppermint Crisp (because she was and still is uber stylish, chic and cool) then I was Milky Bar and the pimply kid was Whole Nut or Lunch Bar. Okay you get the picture...and now I need a bit of choccie... BACK IN 5... ahhhh, much better.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, so Amber is what I would call a Chocolate Guru, yes, with caps. She prefers to be called Total Chocolate Lover (TCL) to Chocoholic. Then there is obviously a guy in the portrait that messes up her simple cocoa flavoured life.

But here is the crux: has Dorothy inserted spy ware into my brain and created Amber? Brrrr...it gives me the chills. The similarities on most parts, especially when it comes to chocolate are uncanny. Only difference is I do not sneak into the confectionery aisles at supermarkets and read the ingredients before sniffing the chocolate. Yeah, it sounds crazy, buy honest, I have not.

And the thing that sealed it for me is that she even called her man Significant Other (SO)! *GASP* Yeah, that really convinced me that dear Dorothy has snuck into my head and observed my thoughts, my dreams and my natty ways.

It has been a delight to read, chuckle and watch Amber wolf down chocolate after chocolate.

And just to make things a bit fun, I decided to give a few bloggies their chocolate names. And ahem, I may be wrong, what with knowing most of you only from Bloggerville and not the old fashion way: in person.

Alright, whose first? Quit pushing the line already. If I have left you out, just send an irate message to me in the comment section and I will have your chocolate name in no time (if there is enough of you in your profile section too, LOL)

Saaleha, I dub thee Rum and Raison because you are sweet with a quirky twist and a 'naughty' side that rears its pretty head ever so often.

Fatima, I dub thee Cadbury with Biscuits because you are just sweet on the inside and out. And let us not forget your essence which seems to be pure kindness.

Jennifer, I dub thee Milky Bar with Rice Krispies because as a mum and wife you have that softness but your writing has that funny, witty edge to it.

Hamish, I dub thee Bar One because you always seem to have so much energy that shows in your writing. There are no hidden agendas with you and likewise with Bar One, there is no taste that sneaks up on you.

Bibi-Aisha, I dub thee a Health Bar simply because you do not have much chocolates and you all goodness.

K-Man, I dub thee Dipped Flake because you seem both solid and gentle - the best of both worlds.

Queen Lestat, I dub thee Dark Chocolate with Almonds because of your obvious love for things supernatural and mysterious but you also have a loving sweet side too.

qDEE, I dub thee Turkish Delight because you seem like such a softie and you always have these cute lil pics up on your blog.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Happy chocolateering

There seems to be a slump of some sort. Many people I know are low on endorphins. Yours truly included in this Pity Party. I wondered if it was in the alignment of the planets? The position of the moon? A new ingredient in the drinking water? Then I got too tired and even more depressed and dived deeper into the comfort of my bed.

When I FINALLY crawled out - I turned to day time talk shows and reading agony aunt columns simply because they make me feel my problems are but a milligram in the worlds chocolate supply.

Firstly, on the Dr Phil show some time back:
The audience was introduced to a nice old lady. She was portrayed as having a secret that could spell destruction for her marriage. An affair? An addict of sorts? A closeted lesbian? All these scenarios passed though my mind like a kaleidoscope.

But no, lo and behold, this nice old lady was just a shameful self confessed chocoholic. Bah Hamburg! There are probably children in forgotten corners of planet earth that have never had the luxury of savouring these tasty morsels! And nice old lady was complaining that she was having too much, baking too many truffles...and lying to the hubby about it. Oh, brother!

But Doctor Phil, in his Voice of God, said to her: "When you are not eating chocolate, you are thinking about it. And when you are making it, you both thinking about it and eating it! Then you are giving it to your neighbours too? You're a pusher!"

She shook her head in shame, lowered her eyes and beseeched the doctor of all cures to help her.

I did not know whether to throw my mug at the TV, laugh till my eyeballs popped or cry till I turned to dust.

Secondly in Financial Mail Campus for April 20, the Q&A Ask the Guru section
"Q: I can't stop eating chocolate. Aren't there some benefits to chocolate?

A: It's been said that dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and is an antioxidant that gobbles up destructive molecules that causes heart disease. But that is not the only Good news. Researchers have recently tested the buzz that chocolate gives against what is regarded as one of the biggest buzzes- kissing. And chocolate worn. When the volunteers in the medical study (hmmmmm...where was I for this?!) let dark chocolate melt on their tongues, their heart rates more than doubled. All regions of their brains received a boost far more intense and longer lasting than the excitement seen with kissing. This does not mean that you should eat all the chocolate you want.(And who will dare stop me?) It should still be consumed in moderation - balance the other calories by eating less of other things."

Note to self: switch to dark chocolate, and consume only that from hereon after.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Lame Guns and wilting Roses

I was excited, bursting with gleeful anticipation to see Guns and Roses at My Coke Fest on April 27. Read this!

Now I can gladly just stay at home with a book because that was the band I really really wanted to see. Should I go, should I not? Sure there are other good bands, but I knew the song words to GnR classics!

Oh, well...

Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday, but the 13th

It could be intangible bad luck, a black cat or two, losing your lucky horse shoe?
What are you afraid of today? How did your day turn sour? Or maybe it is the luckiest day of the year, with a bad rep?

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Tag, I am IT again

Since all of us cannot be leaders, Bibi-Aisha tagged me to see which leader I would be. (twice tagged in a month...hmmmm...is there a conspiracy in Blogville too? Is the truth out here?) tee hee

According to results, I am (drum roll please + a moment of bated breath):

I am just thankful that I am not a power hungry dictator (are there any other kind?). This suits me just fine hey, because I respect her so. May her soul RIP. I guess going off to Calcutta now may just be a possibility. :)

Because I am in no mood to tag others, whoever wishes to take the test can reveal results in the comment section.

Good night everyone, sweet dreams.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

These new walls

The same bed, the same TV, the same couches to flop into in front of that TV. And that blankie that you just cannot do without.

Within cardboard boxes the materialistic possessions one tends to collect: pots, pans, fairy and angel figurines and wind chimes...to name a few. All waiting to open their eyes and hearts to drink in a certain newness.

It is a makeover, a different look, a fresher place where not so many ghosts walk the passageway with you late at night when insomnia becomes the name of your best friend.

But tonight is the last night at this apartment which is nothing short of charming and quaint, minus the neighbours.

And tomorrow, ah,tomorrow it will be goodnight within freshly painted walls in a proper house. But today is just a beginning of sorts... and an end.

The old and the new will merge to eventually create the intricate threads of delicate memories: sharing a flake, watching a movie and giggles after a naughty joke or two.

After all the manual labour of packing today, tomorrow is the actual move,then the cleaning, washing and, gulp, repacking.

Phew, but is moving house tiring.

And it is the Sister Person getting new home, not even yours truly. I demand a lifetime of free lodge and food after this experience. I reckon it is the only fair deal around.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Tag and I am it

Oh good golly gumdrops I have been tagged a week ago and had no idea - thanks to hormonal blogger!

So thank you K-Man, this is my maiden tag too. And apologies for the late post.

Five things that you do not know about me. Er....where do I start? And better yet, what do I reveal? heheheeee

1. I have naturally curly hair and straighten on occasion but it has taken me years to love the curls and actually be totally comfortable with them.

2. I used to read Danielle Steele! SHOCK! HORROR! But please remember this is just my past. :)

3. There are days when I do not eat any chocolate. (Yep, honest to God truth!)

4. Those people that work for Greenpeace and challenge those huge whaling ships fascinate me - I always wanted to be one of them on those little boats fighting on the side of the whales. I am all for Animal Rights!

5. I fear spiders so much so that when I see them my bones turn to jelly. Oh and marriage too, but that can be overcome thanks to S-O.

And now the challenge is who to tag? If you have already been tagged, please excuse my tardiness - but might I add that it is a small (dare I say incestuous) blogging community! Tee hee...The following are asked to reveal juicy, tasty, morsels of their life:

1. Jennifer
2. Fatima (Oh and I love your new bloggie look)
3. Raghav
4. Hamish

What are the rules? I am not sure how many to tag. Gosh, I feel like a six year old again. But anyway, tag, you're it!


Saturday, 31 March 2007

Today on Postsecret II

I hope not. I pray not.

Chocolate Festivals

Alas I missed one last week Saturday because of S-Os sister's wedding.

Though the universe has been both kind and cruel for there is another right here this weekend in my home town. It is in the spirit of Easter. (And what a jolly good time it is simply because of all the chocolate around. Its my heaven.)

And how can that be cruel you may wonder? Well...there is a family function I have to attend later today, so I will just catch the end of the festival on Sunday.


Blogger is hormonal

Or perhaps it is just my silly ole dial up connection. But let me admit to the struggle of late: unable to blog.

If truth be told, I just cross my fingers whenever I log on nowadays and hope and pray and even try to blackmail the power that is that I can blog and read others too.

Today my answer was in the affirmative and I am ever so very grateful.

Blessed be.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

I had to dig into the remaining chocolate after we served it to guests with strawberries and marshmallows...

It was the night of celebration and dance, before the S-O's sisters wedding.

And yes I was referred to as the future daughter-in-law more often than not. Needless to say that every electron in my body went into panic mode. ME? MARRIED? HAH! Unimaginable right now, and we are both still SO YOUNG.

Anyway, once the lack of sleep kicked in I was able be more calm, more zombie like and heard peoples comments from a distance.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Today on Postsecret

I wonder how many others feel this way? More secrets at Shhhh...secrets revealed on link list.

Haunting fairytales

Once upon a time, as in this morning, I grabbed the vacuum cleaner along with the duster and decided to spring clean...er... autumn clean rather.
Happily going along, with hydrating water breaks in between, I encountered few of those evil dust bunnies.
Nasty creatures those.
They were quickly slain thanks to the swift vacuum, my modern day sword.
That wicked witch's plan to over take the house with grime and dust shall not go by without a fight.
Musing her overthrow, I found a pea beneath the cushion of my favourite fall-asleep-in-front-of-the-TV couch.
Aghast, I brought forth the vacuum for the umpteenth time.
This 'PJ princess' was not going to be defeated that easily.
But did it mean that I am not a princess?
Trying to run away from that thought, I carried on frantically from room to room.
Thanks to Hans Christian Andersen, every girl fancies themselves a princess at least once in their lives.
Almost becoming delirious with dread that I could not feel a pea beneath one measly little tinee tiny cushion, lo and behold, I came upon a revelation.
I do not necessarily have to be that princess.
After all my raggedy appearance qualified me to play Cinderella today.
And tomorrow if I decide to just sleep in,all day, and the day after that, then I can be Sleeping Beauty.
And if I find seven dwarfs (highly unlikely, unless I buy some garden statues) then I can be Snow White.
Perhaps one day a prince will come along.
And maybe we can live happily ever after, only after the house hold chores are split 50-50.
Womens lib also did wonders for princesses it seems.
The End.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

The sands are alive

Forget about the sun block, blond beach babes and savvy surfer studs when going to the coast... I had the sand and wind for company.
She, the wind seemed angry: shrieking and screaming. About what? I am not too sure. This Jozi gal does not speak Port Elizabeth.
Him, the sand, did not even know what hit him really. He was whisked off, like a floating ghost brushing the ground.
In the distance pile and piles of sand.
Sand dunes: the result of the love between sand and wind.
But Friday was a different story.
I realised I came in between this lovers spat, for the sand was thrown into my eyes and every orifice. My freshly washed hair became stiff with sand transforming into bits of mud.
While the He, the sand exfoliated, She,the wind managed to even silence my thoughts.
Though it feels like a desert, it is really at the ocean.
The contrast makes one feel really tiny in this beautiful ball of blue, green and brown.
And it never ceases to astound me.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Life in the slow lane

Waking up at 9.
Breakfast at brunch.
A bath anytime ONLY after noon.
Lunch at tea.
Dress code strictly PJs.
Supper as a midnight snack.
Ah, the life of the semi-employed, semi-retired, aspiring full time bum.
Is it really all that, to be a rat plucked out of the race?
Time shall reveal, as she usually does.

Friday, 2 March 2007

Water works are acting up

S-O: How is the last day?
Priya: I want to cry.
S-O: So do that then.

A scary and exciting time

An eight month journey and today, it is over. Sure, my stint here started off bad, but working at a national weekly flipped to be a decadent chocolate experience. In the name of work, I have(and number 12 could be the craziest):

1. Stayed at the Palace at the Lost City, Sun City.
2. Covered the Vodacom Spring Break at the Valley of the Waves.
3. Was a passenger in a Ferrari to Sun City.
4. Visited Swaziland for a media tour.
5. Visited Mpumalanga for a media tour.
6. Covered the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA).
7. Went to the Sanlam Fashion week in July 2006.
8. Finished up with the Audi Fashion Week in February 2007.
9. Went on a muddy 4X4 trail in Port St. Johns.
10. Went for the Magaliesburg Canopy Tour.
11. Covered many social events, who knew so many parties happened during the week?
12. And, er, I got to pee standing up, thanks to the P-Mate. (Yeah, you men out there, nothing is sacred to your species any longer)

But above all, it is the people I have met. From being just friends, they have become a dysfunctional family away from home, whom I cannot help but love. And needless to say, they will all be missed, everyone of them.

I confessed to the S-O* that I am sad.
"Enjoy it, while it lasts," he replies.

S-O = Significant Other

Friday, 23 February 2007

Recent chocolate trips :)

A work colleague got this as a gift from M-Net. She was kind enough to share! "OOOOH, Priya, this is your lucky day, girl!" she shouted from her desk. I could not agree more. I love the support I get for my addiction.

These chocolates were but a few at The Sister Person's house, another self confessed choco-holic.


Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Every robot, a story

In South Africa we are blessed to have mini markets at all major intersections: from clothing hangers, to people taking the rubbish from our cars for a bit of money, to the guy holding a board saying he has 12 children to feed but no job.
This past Saturday, after attending the Audi Fashion Week, one such guy held a cardboard with thick black writing.
I try not to read these boards, for it always makes me sad.
Then my eyes unwillingly whizzed though the words:
(For those that are not familiar with the state Zimbabwe is, thanks to their president, Robert, refer to the link)
I sat still for a semi second and then to my fellow passengers: "Guys read that guys board! It is so funny!"
Hastily I tried to locate my purse, but the robot illuminated green into the car quite suddenly and we were off.
I wanted to give him something... I really did.
In his own way, he is standing up for the people of Zimbabwe, because quite apparently their President is not.

Monday, 19 February 2007

A moment

YAY! I am testing my Internet connectivity at home, a mere dial up, and this is my first post from there. Its been a battle, I can assure you.

In with the old

Completing high school at the beginning of a new century (ie 2000) was the thing that dreams are made of.
An end of an era, a new beginning of a bright epoch and a world to discover.
Tick tock....tick tock...
Seven years have gone by, seven years of scantly keeping in touch with just a few of our friends, and seven years of the dreaded adult life.
Suddenly it is the February 12, 2007.
And in my Inbox a mail from one of them millennium graduates.
Subject line: Hello Peeps
And, surprise surprise, there are other addresses. Other people from the Class of 2000. Not many, just half.
A conversation begins.
A wonderful madness is born.
Thanks to both Eleanor Masher and Moe Chothia.
Beyond swapping the who's married news, it feels like we are in Maths or English class again.
Just that it is over e-mail.
And no teacher hounding us to keep quiet. :)
Other old class mates are slowly roped in.
As memories flood the mind, a web of nostalgia is spun.
Another time, another place, the same people, new memories made, old ones mulled over, laughed at, old teaches to bitch about and work is thankfully side lined.
Currently my Yahoo folder for Class of 2000 stands at 934 emails.
I salute you all for that is an achievement in itself.
And the conversation continues.

Friday, 16 February 2007

The Year of the Fire Pig

Happy New Year everybody.

The Year of the Fire Pig -- also called the Fire Boar -- greets us on Feb. 18 and stays until Feb. 6, 2008. This year ends the 12-year cycle of Chinese astrology that started with the Year of the Rat. The Year of the Pig always brings completion, finishing in grandeur and perfection.
Connecting with the energy of the Pig brings you opportunities for growth and expansion. Especially if you were born in the Year of the Rabbit, Sheep, Tiger or Pig -- those signs are definitely in for a great year.

I take every chance to celebrate. *chuckle*

Information copied and pasted from here

And the predictions for me, from the Year of the Dog are:

Mantra: I am loyal to my destiny.
2007 Predictions: You've felt out of control in the last few years, but in this Pig year you gain power and control over your life, finances and business.
Famous Dogs:
Brigitte Bardot
Candice Bergen
David Bowie
Kate Bush
Naomi Campbell
Jamie Lee Curtis
Sally Field
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Ava Gardner
Michael Jackson
Sophie Loren
Shirley MacLaine
Liza Minnelli
David Niven
Sydney Pollack
Elvis Presley
Claudia Schiffer
Slyvester Stallone
Sharon Stone

I-Ching Readings for Dogs: Hardworking Dogs love to dig in and get things done. Daily habits help Dogs stay centered in their quest for balance and harmony. If you are a Dog, the I-Ching ritual is the perfect way to stimulate your strong intuitive instincts while feeding your need for routine. Toss the coins now.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

V does NOT stand for Vendetta today

Romantic Love becomes a mass onslaught of a red and white blur of teddies, cheap plastic roses, their expensive real counterparts and heart shaped chocolates.
In order not to be crushed and swept away by it, I surrender, I give up and I raise the white flag (and to show my sincerity, it has a little red heart in the center).
So, in the 'spirit' of things, HAPPY V DAY to one and all.


The Sister Person sent this message this morning:
Love is a bird, you hold it tightly, it dies. You hold it lightly, it flies, you hold it nicely, it shits in your hands. Uh!!! So forget Love, it is better to FLIRT... Happy Valentines Day.

Methinks she has issues with love. Poor girl...

Monday, 12 February 2007

Happy Birthday Frosty Baby

My darling Frosty Baby
Okay, so not exactly your birthday.
Rather the day you came into our lives...way back in 1992,
Giving us so much more than we could ever have given you.
Then you were called back to Doggy Heaven.
And you are not here for me to give you that special treat I always do on the 12th February.
But in my heart you shall live, and be terribly missed
And forever loved.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

One night in India and one morning in Johannesburg

Look cars on the road at sunrise! (Alright it is not the most visible, but the cars are at the bottom, in the dark) Don't people ever sleep?!

This mornings sunrise on my way to work. It almost made the wake up worth while.
Yesterday, Feb 6, I had this conversation with my mummy:
Mum: Do you know what date it is?
Priya: Yes, uh, its the 6th of Feb.
Mum: And what was the date yesterday?
Priya (Suspecting that she is becoming senile, I answered with that question mark look) That would make it the 5th of Feb, mummy.
Mum: And do you remember what day that is?
Priya: (Still with the question mark look deepening my forehead wrinkles, the penny finally dropped and sank) Oh, that was the day I was conceived!
Why she remembers this, and why I know it, fails to reason.
But I guess that one night in India, at my aunt's house and on the floor, nogal, must have been special.
It's puke-my-guts-out-gross meets some odd sense of sweetness.

Thursday, 1 February 2007

January ended on a wild note

The Health Breakfast that looked so very pretty, so much so, I did not want to eat it.

A King cheetah (due to the more prominent black area) sticks its tongue out at me. The cheek!
A wild dog poses for the camera.

I spent some time yesterday with cheetahs, wild dogs, ostriches and a host of other animals at the De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust. They help with the breeding and research into these animals to ensure their continued survival. They deserve more than a pat on the back.

Monday, 29 January 2007


With that sound engraved into my mind (thanks to some brain-half-filled-knob who broke the fire alarm at my office park) I bid this Monday a good riddance.
The irony is that not a single person ran out of the front doors frantically trying to save their lives.
Methinks that we are all a sad bunch of workaholics.

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Lyrics to live by

WARNING: may be a tad too syrupy for some, but who ever died of a sugar overdose, unless they are diabetic?!

Call me a hopeless believer in Utopia, but these songs sing to my heart and makes me wish the world was actually like this.

Ure Midge Lyrics - Dear God Lyrics

Dear God, is there somebody out there?
Is there someone to hear my prayer?
I'm a simple man with simple words to say
Is there some point in asking?
Asking for more only got us where we are today
Lost and alone and afraid
Give me, love for the lonely
Give me, food for the hungry
Give me, peace in a restless world
Give me, hope for the children
Give me, a worldwide religion
Give me, peace in a restless world
Dear God, can you hear me crying?
A whole world crying
Looking for something to say
We had it all and we threw it all away
Is there somebody watching
Somebody watching over the mess that we've made
We're lost and alone and afraid
Give me, love for the lonely
Give me, food for the hungry
Give me, peace in a restless world
Give me, hope for the children
Give me, a worldwide religion
Give me, peace in a restless world
And we need to know there's something good
Though all our years of solitude go on and on and on...
Give me, love for the lonely
Give me, food for the hungry
Give me, peace in a restless world
Give me, hope for the children
Give me, a worldwide religion
Give me, peace in a restless world
Dear god, is there somebody out there,
Is there someone to hear my prayer

Drums: Mark Brzezicki
Bass guitar: Steve Brzezicki
Additional keyboards: Robbie Kilgore

And then there is:

Lennon John Lyrics - Imagine Lyrics

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...
Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Also from this day and age we have the Black Eyed Peas with these amazing lyrics:

what's wrong with the world momma
people livin like they ain't got no mommas
i think the whole world's addicted to the drama
only attracted to thinks that bring the trauma
overseas yeah we're tryin to stop terrorism
but we still got terrorists here livinin
the usa the big cia the bloods and the crips
and the kkk
but if you only have love for your own race
then you only leave space to discriminate
and to discriminate only generates hate
and when you hate then your bound to get irate
yeah, madness is what you demonstrate
and that's exactly how angle works (?) operate
yeah you gotta take control of your mind
and meditate
let your soul gravitate to the love ya'll
(Courus) people killin people dyin
children hurt and you hear em cryin
can you practice what you preach
and would you turn the other cheek
father father father help us
send some guidance from above
cause people got me got me questionin
where is the love where is the love,
where is the love, where is the love, where is the love, the love, the love(End of Chorus)
it just ain't the same
always in change
new days are strange
is the world insane?
if love and peace are so strong
why are the pieces of love that don't belong
nations droppin bombs
chemical gases fillin lungs of little ones
with ongoin suffering as the youth die young
so ask yourself is the lovin really gone
so i can ask my self really what is goin wrong
in this world that we're livin in
people keep on givin in
makin wrong decisions
in only visions of them lvin in
not respectin each other
deny thy brother
a war's goin on but the reason's undercover
the truth is kept secret,
swept under the rug
if you never know truth then you never know love
feel the weight of the world over my shoulder
as i'm gettin older,
ya'll people gets colder most of us only care about money making
selfishness got our smile turned in the wrong direction
wrong information always shown by the media
negative images is the main criteria
infecting the young minds faster than bacteria
kids wanna be like what they see in the cinema
whatever happened to the values of humanity
whatever happened to the fairness and equality
instead of spreading love be spreading animosity
lack of understanding leading us away from unity
that's the reason why sometimes i'm feelin under
that's the reason why sometimes i'm feelin down
there's no wonder why sometimes i'm feelin under
gotta keep my faith alive, til love is found
now ask yourself
where is the love, where is the love, where is the love, where is the love
father father father help us
send some guidance from above
cause people got me got me questionin
where is the love
sing with me ya'llone world,
one world we only got one world, one world that's all we got one world, one world
somethins wrong with it, somethin's wrong with it, somethin's wrong with the w-w-world we only got one world, one world that's all we got one world, one world

Now all that is missing is the long, flat hair parted in the middle, bell bottoms, tie dyed caftans and a flower painted beetle. Those hippies do have point, no?


Song words googled and found on: Lyrics download

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

A universal truth

I want this cushion

To those of you who do not eat chocolate, I pity your souls.

Height of irony

An aspiring vegan who is addicted to chocolate and cheese. What's a lass to do?

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Wallow tastes so good

I hit rock bottom yesterday. I know because I fell down a few steps to get there.

My sore ass, back and left hip remind me all the time of the less than charming fall when I attempt to walk gracefully in this sort of pain.

Being down, insomnia tickled and teased me while my muse assaulted me.

After using my phone to shed a bit of light into my book, I eventually pulled out my mini torch to scribble away till the wee hours of the morning. Now my eyes are paying the price and my brain refuses to work.

Writing exercises the mind and acts as balm for the soul. It does do that, you know...yoga schmoga.

But being down here, I guess there is no other place to go but up, eh?

Monday, 22 January 2007

Friends of Live, heed this call

Rock Gods, Live

To all the Live fans, can you help solve this mystery?

The scenario

Exhibit A:
Lightening Crashes lyrics from Live's website (if you want to see it for yourself, click on albums, then view lyrics )
And note the name and dates at the bottom.

lightning crashes, a new mother cries,her placenta falls to the floor,the angel opens her eyes,the confusion sets in,before the doctor can even close the door
lightning crashes, an old mother dies,her intentions fall to the floor,the angel closes her eyes,the confusion that was hers,belongs now, to the baby down the hall
oh now feel it comin' back again,like a rollin' thunder chasing the wind,forces pullin' from the center of the earth again,i can feel it.
lightning crashes, a new mother cries,this moment she's been waiting for,the angel opens her eyes,pale blue colored iris, presents the circle,and puts the glory out to hide, hide
Barbara Lewis(1973-1993)

Exhibit B:
In an interview* hunky Ed Kowalczyk said that the song just came to him. He said that many people think that the song is about child birth and death, but he claims it to be more about reincarnation. Must be that Eastern influence...

Whodunnit (okay not really) more like a Whoisit:
Who is Barbara Lewis then?

*On their album titled Awake: the Best of Live plus a DVD with their videos, from way back, when Ed had hair, many different shapes and style. *gulp*

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Time for a picture!

The endless text made me see green everywhere, so this visual reprieve.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Cosmic Joke

First week of work for many people.
Schools have opened.
Too many cars on the roads.
Rainy weather in the morning.
All contributing to making traffic worse than last year.
The gods must be crazy with laughter.

Monday, 15 January 2007

Metal refuge

From the comfort, familiarity and safety of my bed I jumped into a cocoon of metal, rubber and glass.
Yesterday, this morning and even this afternoon.
Tomorrow will be the same.
The only way to see the outside world is through the upper levels of glass and my contact being the bits of rubber that fleetingly caressed the tar.
Everyone else was in their own cocoon, different styles and colours.
The airwaves were filled with one of those breakfast shows where the presenter is bouncing off the walls with energy.
Every morning, the navigator and I make use of this cocoon.
Because the space so small, so intimate, we are forced to communicate... arb* topics as well: the rain, the weekend, how is so and so...who cares?
Even something as mundane as driving to work can inspire a bit of a story.
My muse definitely needs a raise.

*A lil shorty word for arbitrary.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Could be one of the Oscar winning speeches

In the spirit of International Thank You Day, I wish to express my gratitude to the following people and groups of people:

Dripping with honey
  • To my parents, for feeling frisky enough on the day I was conceived. (Blech and yuck too)
  • To J, for being, well, you.
  • To my Sister Person and Brother Person, thanks for being support pillars, confidants, another set of parents and pains in the butt too! :)
  • To my friends, you form all sorts of wacky additions to my life, I could not do without you.
  • To blogger... a portal of expression. What did people do before this?!?
  • To whoever thought of taking a cocoa bean and making the food of the gods (ie chocolate).
  • To my guardian angel and muse: always strong, silent and ever so helpful.
  • To God, for creating this ball of green, brown and blue.

Dripping with venom

  • To the taxi drivers, for being so gracious and courteous on the road.
  • To all the criminals for making this country such a splendid place to live it.
  • To the war lords, for actively contributing to every beauty queen's dream: world peace.
  • To the public transport department because they are faring so well in easing the congestion of JHB's roads.
  • To the health minister, for having such a wonderful and clear HIV/AIDS stance.
  • To the former deputy president for making baby oil a thing of revulsion.

Monday, 8 January 2007

Mishaps, Delightful Indulgences and Prozac

1. Strolling into a yet empty office, I tried to switch my computer on, but horror of all horrors, it was already on! To add to my distress, all my mailboxes were open still. Oh, woe is me if any straying eyes read personal mail. But at least the computer locks itself after a while, so there is that slight sense of comforting relief. And as for my white and grey matter upstairs, it seems to be still on holiday.

2. Saturday morning, I opened my eyes only to feel the heat hovering on me like a warm wet blanket. My mouth was already parched and this was before I got out of bed. Feeling viciously indulgent, I decided that a breakfast out of the norm would pick up my spirits so I dashed to the freezer for decadent chocolate ice cream and the coolness of sweet, pink watermelon. The upliftment lasted a full five minutes...

3. The mid January blues have kicked in. Suddenly, everything seems like a monstrous mammoth task that is impossible to accomplish. Being down makes everything seem too high to reach. Quarter life crisis maybe...what the hell, Prozac beckons! Now that is the up side of depression.

Friday, 5 January 2007

Aliens, You're Welcome

Mother Earth is being taken over. But it is not by hostile aliens from space.

Human nature is innate to be selfish. Everything on earth has been abused, manipulated and warped to our convenience.

Think of the rate we use up natural resources, the way our population has exploded, and the state of the world today compared to, say, a century ago. We will be our own undoing one day. We are our own worst enemies.

Or Mother Earth will just spit us out when She has had enough.

Who knows, perhaps other possible living organisms in different parts of the universe would make better use of this blue, brown and green ball. We certainly have not.

So come on aliens, if you are out there, I am sure you can teach us a thing or two.
And Mulder* would love to meet you.

*For anyone who has never watched the X-Files, Fox Mulder was an FBI agent hell bent on proving alien existence, and other paranormal phenomena. But the powers that be always thwarted his efforts. Pity, pity.

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

A glance and peek

This should have been done three days ago, but what the hell...work took over again. (boo-hoo)

A glance back

To 2006, you took away my darling Frosty baby (my lil poodle) but I knew sooner or later I had to say goodbye.

I feared it, it happened, I cried, ranted, raved and got very angry, but I now live with the void.

And to you, the one who has my heart, who broke it for a while but manged to soothe it again, I thank you. You are my one-man school. Not even distance can take anything away from us.

To those whom I found the beauty of South Africa with, what a grand time we had. Thank you for the adventure that does not seem to end.

A peek towards 2007

As all years, we laugh, we cry, there are days where we do not want to end and there are those that cannot end soon enough, we may want to kill some people, but would want to escape to a remote island with others and live forever, we carry on, to live, survive, exist, shed tears of depression, frustration, sadness and joy, euphoria and hope.

To some we will say an intentional and unintentional goodbyes, we will learn and travel to distant lands, within our own land and learn some more, jobs will end and others will begin and a simple hello can start a lifetime relationship.

We can lose weight and get stretchmarks or just be happy with how we are built.

We tell little white lies at work, take the "sick days off" simply to go and have coffee and yearn for the days when we had time.

Throughout it all we are lucky to have guardian angels and chocolates with us.

And you know....2007 will probably be the same.

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Celebs doing good (and looking good, as per norm)

Oprah, doing what she does best: speaking, but this time at the press conference.

He does not really need a caption, now does he?!

Babyface and his, well, cutesy baby features...

Serious Sidney Poitier, another living legend.

Not so serious Chris funny-man Tucker

Another funny- man named Chris, but this time Chris Rock and his wife (don't worry, honey, your shoes DO match)

See-my-cleavage Mariah (S)Carey. (yawn)

Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Laureate 2004. Girl Power.

"My best friend Gayle," as Oprah often says, who is less known as Galye King.

Eish, you would think it was a Hollywood premier instead of the opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls South Africa.

Pity though that the media only saw Tata Madiba (Former President Nelson Mandela) through a live feed broadcast that happened from the school's theatre, while we were placed in the gymnasium.
But we did get to see the other stars that were there.

What a banging start to 2007.

Oh and Oprah, we salute your philanthropy.