Monday, 22 January 2007

Friends of Live, heed this call

Rock Gods, Live

To all the Live fans, can you help solve this mystery?

The scenario

Exhibit A:
Lightening Crashes lyrics from Live's website (if you want to see it for yourself, click on albums, then view lyrics )
And note the name and dates at the bottom.

lightning crashes, a new mother cries,her placenta falls to the floor,the angel opens her eyes,the confusion sets in,before the doctor can even close the door
lightning crashes, an old mother dies,her intentions fall to the floor,the angel closes her eyes,the confusion that was hers,belongs now, to the baby down the hall
oh now feel it comin' back again,like a rollin' thunder chasing the wind,forces pullin' from the center of the earth again,i can feel it.
lightning crashes, a new mother cries,this moment she's been waiting for,the angel opens her eyes,pale blue colored iris, presents the circle,and puts the glory out to hide, hide
Barbara Lewis(1973-1993)

Exhibit B:
In an interview* hunky Ed Kowalczyk said that the song just came to him. He said that many people think that the song is about child birth and death, but he claims it to be more about reincarnation. Must be that Eastern influence...

Whodunnit (okay not really) more like a Whoisit:
Who is Barbara Lewis then?

*On their album titled Awake: the Best of Live plus a DVD with their videos, from way back, when Ed had hair, many different shapes and style. *gulp*


saaleha said...

Google delivers:

"Who is "Lightning Crashes" dedicated to?
Barbara Lewis. She was a high school friend whom the band had lost touch with. When they attempted to contact her years later, they found out that she had been tragically killed by a reckless driver. She, however, was NOT the original inspiration for the song -- the dedication came after the song was already written."

Priya said...

ooooh, clever, thanks!

queen_Lestat said...

yeah they sang it at her funeral or summing like that. it's on the cover details on the actual album.ok i have a reaaallly old copy so mebbe that's why.

Priya said...

thanks rah, now that i sit and think about it, i vaguely remember something like that.
old age, old age... hmph...

queen_Lestat said...

oooo welcome be you.

Ed looked sooo swwwwwoooooonable over in the alternate video for Turn my Head, with the blond hair and the eyelash close-ups :P

Priya said...

When i seen ed had hair, my jaw became attached to the floor and OH MY GODS frozen on my lips.
I have to admit, I prefer the bald look.
It does something for him...and for me too.
PS: Let me recheck those eyelash close ups.