Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Celebs doing good (and looking good, as per norm)

Oprah, doing what she does best: speaking, but this time at the press conference.

He does not really need a caption, now does he?!

Babyface and his, well, cutesy baby features...

Serious Sidney Poitier, another living legend.

Not so serious Chris funny-man Tucker

Another funny- man named Chris, but this time Chris Rock and his wife (don't worry, honey, your shoes DO match)

See-my-cleavage Mariah (S)Carey. (yawn)

Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Laureate 2004. Girl Power.

"My best friend Gayle," as Oprah often says, who is less known as Galye King.

Eish, you would think it was a Hollywood premier instead of the opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls South Africa.

Pity though that the media only saw Tata Madiba (Former President Nelson Mandela) through a live feed broadcast that happened from the school's theatre, while we were placed in the gymnasium.
But we did get to see the other stars that were there.

What a banging start to 2007.

Oh and Oprah, we salute your philanthropy.


Got the working blues said...

While I may not be a Mariah Carey fan ....... i fail to see where the Scarey comes in???

Priya said...

Matter of opinion really...
and turn the blues into pinks and oranges, it may be more fun then!

Got the working pinks said...

I see that your name is in blue ... what was that about pinks and oranges? Granted, it is a matter of opinion but what is Scarey in your humbled opinion??xkipd

Priya said...

my name is in blue because it serves as a link to the blog. In my humble opinion, her current music and taste in fashion is scary, but her old stuff is lovely.

saaleha said...

lucky priya!

heh heh.

Confused said...

lucky priya??

saaleha said...

shmoozing with celebs.

Priya said...

hehehe...you know, all in a days work. sigh, darling, sigh. :)

M Junaid said...

do i sense a tinge of jealousy aimed squarel at mariah's chest... now now - we cant all be super stars, can we ( on a personal note - apart from that song she did for the moses movie, her music sucks

Priya said...

jealous for her implants? that would be like paris hilton wanting a brain. LOL

Nomaan Puroo Sailor said...

is your cleavage like MC's ??

BTW, u cute ??