Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Another day, another tag. Thanks Expensive Mistakes

It's go to do with this competition for a music festival: Rocking the Daisies Talk about free publicity!

So what would I take to ensure absolute survival at a music fest? After some thought, I came up with the following list:
1. My S.O - I miss him more than ever now that I am a continent apart.
2. Waterless hand cleaner
3. Jacket
4. Wellies - who knows when it is going to rain
5. Sun glasses, hat and sun block

This is all for a day trip. I imagine the list would be longer if I was for all the days of the festival.

Now I am going to tag:
Single Guy
Being Brazen
The other side of the mountain


It is so difficult

Seeing S.O's friends really turned up the water works again. Maybe it was seeing his handwriting on the cards or maybe it was just actually sending me things, showing that he is thinking of me. I miss him so.

I want to just see his eyes again, watch him smile and put my hand into his. Feel his closeness and hear him when he laughs out loud. I want to be able to have supper with him or sit next to him during a movie.

There are days when I wonder why I am keeping myself from the one I Love?

S.O - just come for a visit already.

Who would have ever thought it

It's been gloriously hot that past few days. I cannot believe this is London weather. But I am really enjoying it, except that the public transport is stuffy and full of the dreaded B.O...makes me want to throw up.

S.O friend's here for a visit. I am quite excited to see him - we used to spend most weekends with his friends and before I realised it, they became my friends too. Its something from home and as close as possible I am going to get to my S.O at the moment.

Oh as I type this, I am singing Mamma Mia in my head. I just saw the movie the other day. One of my housemates bought the soundtrack today and she says we need to dance and sing in the kitchen. Now the song is sounding like a broken record in my head. I know you're singing too now.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Blogger is moody?

Today is the 17 July, yet Blogger published my today's post under 8 July? Confusion sets in. Perhaps this is Blogger's way of time travel!

My first London rainbow!

The colour juxtaposed against the gray. Gorgeous!
On a totally different note, I want to Thank Jo for thinking my other blog is worth her just Just Plain Fun to Read honour. According to what she said on her post, I need to chose three blogs that are worth the note. This is extremely difficult - all the blogs I read have something unique to offer. And that is what I am sticking to. I offer the badge to all the blogger buddies I have made! Do I hear a chorus of fence sitter?! ;p
I feel boxed in by fear. Vulnerability makes my knees weak. Anger makes me ready to slaughter! It is such a medley of emotions, it leaves me nauseous and disorientated.

My home in South Africa was broken into. The Mother Person was there. It was only 11am. Do you even expect house robberies at this time? Four men forced their way in. They took her from room to room, ransacking everything, demanding money and jewellery. They threatened her with knives and guns. Why threaten her? She is so small and frail, what harm could she do to them? She kept on begging them not to hurt her. I feel her agony and terror. I could hear it in her quivering voice. It was then I bust into tears. As I write this I feel my cheeks moistening.

There is nothing in South Africa anymore. Once upon a time I thought it was all just a transitional phase and we will get over it. I believed in the country and its people.

But crime is out of hand. The nation is scared. And we live in fear. As crime victims increase, the country loses its citizens. And when you’ve reached a point where there is no hope, where do you find the next step?

Jolly good

Here is a perfect pick me up! I found it on Post Secret.
*I did not write nor draw this. I wish I was 17 again. :)

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Quivering in fear

It's finally been done: my first London party/club experience. And even though I am home before midnight (perhaps that's cos I will turn into a pumpkin! ;p) I feel it was still worth documenting.

Reason for the night out is my boss's birthday. He invited the entire London branch for a night out - all five of us. I thought it would be interesting - in the least - to see the office mates out of the office. And it certainly different to see them not in front of their computers.

It was fun. I got to see Londoners clubbing. It's almost as if a mask has lifted and an entire new, population has emerged. An entirely dressed up sort of a crowd. Bling and smiles all around!

I wanted to leave before the really really drunken lots of people hit the trains and buses. And I did just that. In way it was quite sad to leave the dance floor so early. But I was also scared of travelling home, on m own, so late at night. Okay, not that late, but late enough for me.

I've never really travelled on my own in SA. And here I was on my own. Coming home from clubbing. A few drinks down the system. And I was still scared as ever to falling victim to crime. My work mates insisted I let them know when I have reached home safely. They are South African too. My question that begs an answer: is this normal? Is it normal to be so scared that you are covered in a sliver of nervous perspiration? Is it normal to speak to your S.O all the way home because then if something goes wrong, someone knows about it? Am I normal in looking over my shoulder all the time and not feeling safe till I lock the door behind me? Even as I type this, I cannot fathom what I just did - coming home alone at this time. My heart is still racing out of my rib cage and I am shaking with nervous energy. Is this what the crime rate in South Africa has reduced me to? A neurotic nervous wreck?