Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Who would have ever thought it

It's been gloriously hot that past few days. I cannot believe this is London weather. But I am really enjoying it, except that the public transport is stuffy and full of the dreaded B.O...makes me want to throw up.

S.O friend's here for a visit. I am quite excited to see him - we used to spend most weekends with his friends and before I realised it, they became my friends too. Its something from home and as close as possible I am going to get to my S.O at the moment.

Oh as I type this, I am singing Mamma Mia in my head. I just saw the movie the other day. One of my housemates bought the soundtrack today and she says we need to dance and sing in the kitchen. Now the song is sounding like a broken record in my head. I know you're singing too now.


The Blonde Blogshell said...

I can't wait for summer! I've had enough of the cold!

Enjoy the sunshine...ESPECIALLY in London :-)

Being Brazen said...

Ive heard the wetaher in London is freakishly warm - enjoy...

Damn, now i am starting to hum Mamma Mia in my head..those abba songs always get stuck in my head for ages.

Eight hundred ..... said...

I don't know the words to this song?

Jackie said...

I remember when Mamma Mia was first released by ABBA many, many years ago. A very catchy tune and does stick in your head.

B.O. seems to be a problem on the buses year round as even in winter in London, when I was on holiday, I found the buses were heated and being warmly dressed many stank.

Prixie said...

blonde bomshell: thanks...i am really loving it!

being brazen: ok, lets sing together

800: abba my dear

jackie: those must have been such exciting times