Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup Opening at Soccer City

Pics taken by Prixie

'Nuff said...'cos no words are needed really. 

Thursday, 10 June 2010


The vuvzelas sound over and over. Can you hear it? The world is visiting! Do you see them? The excitement and joy is tangible. Can you feel it? I am going giddy! Yes, the World Cup Soccer 2010 starts tomorrow here in Johannesburg, South Africa. Oh yay! 

And the office is showing their support! Pics below! 

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Jolted out of slumber

Sent text message to S.O* at 5.00AM that reads:

"Oh my God! I dreamed someone asked me if you proposed cos they seen a ring on my finger. Then they asked if it was diamonds and I said I hope he was not that stupid! Urg! Woke up with such a fright! PLEASE don't do stupid things in reality!"

A bit of background context to those who do not know me or us:

  • I do not believe in marriage for myself. But S.O and I have been together for nine years. 
  • No, I am not a bitch hag from hell stringing him along. Neither is he very ready at this stage. 
  • Now that we are of marriageable age, and part of an ethnic community, the pressure is on! 
  • The only reason I will marry, is to be with S.O for the rest of our lives and he is traditional like that. 
  • And I really don't like diamonds and proper jewellery.
*S.O = Significant Other

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Holidays are...

                                                      Zanzibar, pick taken by Prixie
  • ... about walking back to your chalet and having sand in between your toes and all over your hair
  • ... feeling the sun's fierce power on your head and feet as you step onto silver beach sand 
  • ... meandering exotic labyrinths of cities that carry memories and future hopes on it's walls 
  • ... seeing the world through a refreshed, revitalised state of being 
  • ... swallowing salty sea water as all too powerful waves knock you down 
  • .... seeing a different way of life and remembering how it is the small things that make us fortunate 
  • .... about falling in love again