Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ah the satisfaction of a trip to the shops!

Anyone who has shopped for a good pair of jeans knows all too well you may find a perfect fit - once every decade or so! Yes, really.

I popped into Woolies* yesterday after work. Much to my surprised pleasure, "Up to 60% off" signs in bold red and white, egged me on from every could I ignore it? I had to succumb! Into the paltry looking sale racks (only two!) I dived and emerged, victoriously with a few items, one of them being jeans.

Delight melted my knees into jelly in the changing room when I tried them on. No gaping waist? Check. Not overly tight at the hips? Check. A comfortable fit that is not too lose nor tight? Check. Perfect length? Check! Perfect length?! Anyone who knows me in person, knows that I am so vertically challenged, I consider it a valid disability. And the major reason the jeans was not too long for me? Kids clothing, people! I will be gracious enough to allow you a very small chuckle at my expense. But the biggest cherry on the cake? I bagged them for a mere R56!**

*Colloquial (and loving) term for Woolworths, a South African store selling food, clothes and other house hold items, much like the Marks and Spencer shops in the UK. 

**That would be roughly 5 Euro, or US$8, or 4.9 Pounds! Price converted at