Friday, 29 October 2010

Just weird or epic fail?

M1 told me one of the most bizarre things I have heard in a while:
"Mr X bought for his home an ice cream making machine, can you believe it?! Should I worry? Not a toaster or coffee maker but an ice cream making machine! I got weird friends."
"Now he is all about how delicious they are...still don't get it why..."
"Like you wake up in the morning and say: right, let's get up and get that ice cream machine."

First of all: 
Is an ice cream making machine a necessity?

Second of all:
Is an ice cream making machine really necessary in a predominantly cold city like London? 

I got to admit, it does not make much sense in my mind. But who can resist a treat like ice cream! Anyway, you tell me your thoughts!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nerds, don't you just love 'em?

So I got a wonderful response a Honorary Sister-Person  via Google Buzz to my three day weekend concept mentioned in my previous post:

"i recently overheard some nerdy ppl talking about measurement units. The discussion started off with comments about the horror of imperial units and the ease of use of SI units. 

It moved swiftly, to an a discussion about the day when imperial will be defeated to the awesome SI. 

Until an Imperial supporter, a type from the old school- quite literally, put a spanner in the works by suggesting that the calendar would have to be rearranged. "This of coarse is because the number of hours in a day is based on the imperial system. So while SI uses simple tens and multiples thereof, imperial uses inches , feet , and yards etc where there are 3 feet in a yard and 12 inches in a foot etc. There are also 12 months in a year so 12 is the relating factor." 

So 12 hours to reach midday wouldnt be internationally recognised under the SI time frame and we'd probably have 10 hours to midday with 100 minutes in each and then 100 seconds. I dont know if this works out but ...perhaps being all uniform we will have 10 months in a year and things will become verry bizzarre. 

this leaves room for wonder. Perhaps there will be 10 day weeks...and hopefully , just hopefully 


Monday, 18 October 2010

Some thoughts

Weekends are for:
  • Leisurely sitting down and eating your breakfast.
  • Listening to great music while doing so.
  • Sitting in your baggy PJs for as long as you like.
  • Sipping your coffee instead of gulping it down while it is far too hot to drink and scalding your tongue in the process.
  • Jumping back into bed after all of that for some reading time.
These sort of simple things bring me an immense, deep sated joy! 

As a standard going forward, I really think weekends should be three, instead of two days. Yes, I will be much more productive in the week if that is the case!

Monday, 11 October 2010

What a freaking treat!

Dayum! Three words: Chocolate. Covered. Strawberries! Another two words: at. work.


Enough to convert the bluest of Mondays to the brightest cerise and orange! Much thanks to Pricsilla for this not-so-guilty indulgence.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The flaws of human nature

It is possible that I am one of the last people on the planet to have watched the Stars Wars Sextet but hey, better late than never.

Before I started to watch it, I had to confirm with my two favourite brain boxes on watching Episodes IV, V, VI first and then I, II and III. One said to watch it consecutively, the other said watch it as they were released. Hmm...thanks guys.

So I decided to watch it as they were released. I must say Episodes IV, V, VI were rather simplistic with even simpler dialogue. Bleh...

BUT onto I, II and III! Whoa! Anakin's journey from obscurity to power hungry Sith is captivating. All the while knowing what is going to happen, I will still rooting for him to be good, remain good...very much like watching Romeo and Juliet - you know they're are going to die but you hope and pray that by some twist they won't!

Regardless, I feel a lot of compassion towards Anakin Skywalker for the simple reason that he is so flawed, so subject to his emotions, has much emotional made him more human, more accessible. Evil manipulated that to their advantage so they could get the upper hand. But yes, Anakin did chose it himself as well even though he was only trying to protect what he held beloved. He is indeed a tragic hero, and now one of my favourites too.

In any case, seeing the character's demise made me think about how we all approach emotions - it can be so strong and can pull us to do so much - the very high of highs and the lowest of lows. The Jedi Masters, along with many religions in the reality we live in, preach about having that calm centre and disassociating the self from fears and attachments, especially in this physical world. That is something Anakin clearly did not practice. He had emotional baggage from the time he was a child, and I wonder how detrimental it is to people in their normal lives, if they do not deal with their emotional baggage. Are those from dysfunctional homes therefore more prone to snap at some point, if their issues are not resolved, or if they do not make peace with it? Are they at a natural disadvantage with all the chips on their shoulder? Does that mean that people who have led a relatively normal lives from childhood more prone to achieve all that they can, be all they can be? It made me think about being at peace with oneself, truly and fully, lest you go down your own dark path, whatever that may be for you.