Monday, 18 October 2010

Some thoughts

Weekends are for:
  • Leisurely sitting down and eating your breakfast.
  • Listening to great music while doing so.
  • Sitting in your baggy PJs for as long as you like.
  • Sipping your coffee instead of gulping it down while it is far too hot to drink and scalding your tongue in the process.
  • Jumping back into bed after all of that for some reading time.
These sort of simple things bring me an immense, deep sated joy! 

As a standard going forward, I really think weekends should be three, instead of two days. Yes, I will be much more productive in the week if that is the case!


Masia Mum said...

Another chocolate lover - what joy! My favourite greeting card which I regularly send to my friends has a cover that says "There are two kinds of women"
and inside
"Those who love chocolate and bitches"
Do you agree?
Your weekend of three days is a very tempting idea but which way should we extend - Friday/Saturday/Sunday
The second option would remove that dreadful Monday morning blues but maybe the blues would just move on to Tuesday?

As a chocolate lover have you ever visited Bruges in Belgium? I have and it is a lovely place steeped in history but best of all full of chocolate shops [hand made and amazing varieties] and the whole place literally smells of chocolate you don't have to buy or eat any - just inhale!

What are you views on ice cream? This is another essential of life, luckily we have a property in Spain just outside a town called Ibi which is famous for ice cream -heaven.

All this talk of goodies means I have to stop now and leave the office for tea and chocolate cake.

Prixie said...

Hi Masia Mum! So fortuitous that you have stumbled onto my blog! :) Chocolate lovers of the world UNITE! I love that quote - wickedly funny!

Three day weekend -I propose Sat, Sun and Monday. And since it is three days, I do not think the Tuesday blues would be too blue.

I loved Brugge! In fact it is one of my fave places in the world! I would love to live there some day.

Unfortunately, I do nto really eat a lot of ice cream as cold things leave me sensitive teeth zinging.

Take care and have a good day