Friday, 29 October 2010

Just weird or epic fail?

M1 told me one of the most bizarre things I have heard in a while:
"Mr X bought for his home an ice cream making machine, can you believe it?! Should I worry? Not a toaster or coffee maker but an ice cream making machine! I got weird friends."
"Now he is all about how delicious they are...still don't get it why..."
"Like you wake up in the morning and say: right, let's get up and get that ice cream machine."

First of all: 
Is an ice cream making machine a necessity?

Second of all:
Is an ice cream making machine really necessary in a predominantly cold city like London? 

I got to admit, it does not make much sense in my mind. But who can resist a treat like ice cream! Anyway, you tell me your thoughts!


mezzaterra said...

I think having an ice-cream machine is ultra cool. It's lovely making home-made ice-cream for dessert, & it tastes deeelish.

Masia Mum said...

Even when it's cold in London I can manage to eat ice cream [Magnum Classic is my current guilty treat]. But I know I couldn't be bothered to make my own ice-cream especially as I have been spoilt by the wonderful ice-creams made in the town where we have a holiday home in Spain. Ibi is famous for ice-cream - I am working my way through all the combinations on offer every time we visit. Fantastic!

mylifescape said...

I just love that - don't have to enjoy things you NEED! Enjoy them for the fun, the flavour and the fabulousnessizzz!!! ;)