Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A rose by any other name...

Through work, I came across some great/weird/quirky names of towns in South Africa.

  •  Alldays: really, I cannot understand this one.
  •  Estcourt: This can sound rude, if you have a mind that belongs in the gutter.
  •  Giants Castle: Imagine how cool it will be to say: "Oh I live in Giants Castle. Yes, seriously."
  •  Carolina: Now I have that tune "Oh Carolina" stuck in my head. **groan**

There were also a few strange street names in London. I used to always find them immensely amusing:

  •  Knightrider Street: Now this just plain awesome, not to mention retro in this day and age!
  •  Shoulder of Mutton Alley: again, I do not get this one.
  •  Hanging Sword Alley: Awesome, retro, quirky and cool!

Can you think of any strange names where you are?


Edge Of Where said...

I had to go on business to the Northern Cape last year and to a mine in Blackrock.

On the way I passed a town called Hotazel

Because of the heat up there I started referring to the place as hot-as-hell

Prixie said...

ooh those are great names. lol @hot-as-hell!

pserean said...

what about vischgat?

i'm pretty sure i passed that sign somewhere...

p.s. giant's castle is gorgeous....

Steve Finnell said...

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