Wednesday, 28 November 2007

WWW - World Without Writers :(

So, the American Guild of Writers are on strike...and have been for the past few weeks. Call me biased, but I am glad they are on strike.

They are the creative force behind the shows we have come to love, characters that have become like family and plots that are intertwined in our lives.

There are even those shows that have sentimental value....when we look back at ones like Knight Rider, Air Wolf and even Friends, it helps defines eras of our life. Whether we were teenagers, students or even in our 20s, it added pizazz to make that certain part of our lives all the more memorable.

And since I am on a soapbox, let me express my hate for reality television. Just the way news has been dumbed down thanks to trashy tabloids, so has television been tarnished with reality television. How much of reality is actually involved? For instance Big Brother is taped 24 hours a day, right? But the show just airs for an hour, what happens to the rest of it? Obviously, the mundane reality is edited out to make it more sensational so ratings sore.

And that what it comes down to - ratings and money. It sucks.

Viva the writers, viva!

Monday, 12 November 2007

I can't even think of a heading

I think my muse is AWOL. Uh huh, I do not even have an inkling of inspiration to write, read, take pictures and just share the mundaneness of this thing called my Life. Sigh...

I've been glued to the TV couch like a stain that won't go away. Another sigh...

So as I grind the pace of My Life to a near halt, things are happening around me: people get up and go to work, there are world changing events and dammit, the grass has turned green (ALREADY?).

It's almost as if I've jumped off this spinning blue, green and brown sphere. Triple sigh...