Saturday, 26 April 2008

Just a wish

If I could pack everyone I want from back home into a suitcase and bring them here, life would be perfect.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


There are moments when I want to jump on a plane and spend more time with my loved ones.

There is too much adjustment now: to the weather, to working, to the new environment, living on my own, to my housemates, to that void that only S.O can fill and constantly missing all my dear friends.

Then there are moments I just want to stay under my duvet and not go to work so I absorb this experience. I can tell myself yes you are here and yes things have changed. There is just so much happening, everywhere and all around.

But there are those moments that I am glad I am doing this London experience, right here and right now.

There is always home.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Hello London

Picture by Prixie

London welcomed me in style this morning - just look at the snow! Yes yes, I know it is obvious I am new to all of this. But wow, it looks so beautiful, clean and pure.
I am staying with my very dear friend (hereafter referred to as Vamp) in Brockley. In the picture is their back yard and their outside Mexican oven so they can have oven baked pizzas. I find it really quaint and charming. So is this area. I love it. I just wish S.O and Skanky were here to share the experience.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

It's not a farewell, just a see you later later

My purple luggage is packed and ready to be found overweight. All that is left to add to that weight is my toothbrush and face cream. Then I speed off to the airport, sit snug for 15 hours of flying, transit and flying again. London, are you ready for me? Am I ready for you?

To all those that made my last few days in SA especially special, my deepest heartfelt thank you. (S.o, The Gang, Skanky, S.O's mum and dad, the Brother and Sister Person and so many others)I miss everyone already and I am still at home! For all those special trinkets and pressies, it will warm my heart on the coldest of days when I long for all that is familiar and cosy.

My S.O, what words can describe how my heart bleeds and aches right now? You have been at my side for the past seven years almost everyday. How do I get used to that vacant space next to me? How do I get used to not putting my head on your shoulder? How do I not cuddle up next to you while watching TV? How am I to be without you? Please remember, always, there is someone thinking about you and loving you every minute of the day in far off London. And yes, we will do a whirlwind tour of Amsterdam when you get there and well, you know...

See you all soon, very soon. Blessed be...