Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Happy chocolateering

There seems to be a slump of some sort. Many people I know are low on endorphins. Yours truly included in this Pity Party. I wondered if it was in the alignment of the planets? The position of the moon? A new ingredient in the drinking water? Then I got too tired and even more depressed and dived deeper into the comfort of my bed.

When I FINALLY crawled out - I turned to day time talk shows and reading agony aunt columns simply because they make me feel my problems are but a milligram in the worlds chocolate supply.

Firstly, on the Dr Phil show some time back:
The audience was introduced to a nice old lady. She was portrayed as having a secret that could spell destruction for her marriage. An affair? An addict of sorts? A closeted lesbian? All these scenarios passed though my mind like a kaleidoscope.

But no, lo and behold, this nice old lady was just a shameful self confessed chocoholic. Bah Hamburg! There are probably children in forgotten corners of planet earth that have never had the luxury of savouring these tasty morsels! And nice old lady was complaining that she was having too much, baking too many truffles...and lying to the hubby about it. Oh, brother!

But Doctor Phil, in his Voice of God, said to her: "When you are not eating chocolate, you are thinking about it. And when you are making it, you both thinking about it and eating it! Then you are giving it to your neighbours too? You're a pusher!"

She shook her head in shame, lowered her eyes and beseeched the doctor of all cures to help her.

I did not know whether to throw my mug at the TV, laugh till my eyeballs popped or cry till I turned to dust.

Secondly in Financial Mail Campus for April 20, the Q&A Ask the Guru section
"Q: I can't stop eating chocolate. Aren't there some benefits to chocolate?

A: It's been said that dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and is an antioxidant that gobbles up destructive molecules that causes heart disease. But that is not the only Good news. Researchers have recently tested the buzz that chocolate gives against what is regarded as one of the biggest buzzes- kissing. And chocolate worn. When the volunteers in the medical study (hmmmmm...where was I for this?!) let dark chocolate melt on their tongues, their heart rates more than doubled. All regions of their brains received a boost far more intense and longer lasting than the excitement seen with kissing. This does not mean that you should eat all the chocolate you want.(And who will dare stop me?) It should still be consumed in moderation - balance the other calories by eating less of other things."

Note to self: switch to dark chocolate, and consume only that from hereon after.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Lame Guns and wilting Roses

I was excited, bursting with gleeful anticipation to see Guns and Roses at My Coke Fest on April 27. Read this!

Now I can gladly just stay at home with a book because that was the band I really really wanted to see. Should I go, should I not? Sure there are other good bands, but I knew the song words to GnR classics!

Oh, well...

Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday, but the 13th

It could be intangible bad luck, a black cat or two, losing your lucky horse shoe?
What are you afraid of today? How did your day turn sour? Or maybe it is the luckiest day of the year, with a bad rep?

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Tag, I am IT again

Since all of us cannot be leaders, Bibi-Aisha tagged me to see which leader I would be. (twice tagged in a month...hmmmm...is there a conspiracy in Blogville too? Is the truth out here?) tee hee

According to results, I am (drum roll please + a moment of bated breath):

I am just thankful that I am not a power hungry dictator (are there any other kind?). This suits me just fine hey, because I respect her so. May her soul RIP. I guess going off to Calcutta now may just be a possibility. :)

Because I am in no mood to tag others, whoever wishes to take the test can reveal results in the comment section.

Good night everyone, sweet dreams.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

These new walls

The same bed, the same TV, the same couches to flop into in front of that TV. And that blankie that you just cannot do without.

Within cardboard boxes the materialistic possessions one tends to collect: pots, pans, fairy and angel figurines and wind chimes...to name a few. All waiting to open their eyes and hearts to drink in a certain newness.

It is a makeover, a different look, a fresher place where not so many ghosts walk the passageway with you late at night when insomnia becomes the name of your best friend.

But tonight is the last night at this apartment which is nothing short of charming and quaint, minus the neighbours.

And tomorrow, ah,tomorrow it will be goodnight within freshly painted walls in a proper house. But today is just a beginning of sorts... and an end.

The old and the new will merge to eventually create the intricate threads of delicate memories: sharing a flake, watching a movie and giggles after a naughty joke or two.

After all the manual labour of packing today, tomorrow is the actual move,then the cleaning, washing and, gulp, repacking.

Phew, but is moving house tiring.

And it is the Sister Person getting new home, not even yours truly. I demand a lifetime of free lodge and food after this experience. I reckon it is the only fair deal around.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Tag and I am it

Oh good golly gumdrops I have been tagged a week ago and had no idea - thanks to hormonal blogger!

So thank you K-Man, this is my maiden tag too. And apologies for the late post.

Five things that you do not know about me. Er....where do I start? And better yet, what do I reveal? heheheeee

1. I have naturally curly hair and straighten on occasion but it has taken me years to love the curls and actually be totally comfortable with them.

2. I used to read Danielle Steele! SHOCK! HORROR! But please remember this is just my past. :)

3. There are days when I do not eat any chocolate. (Yep, honest to God truth!)

4. Those people that work for Greenpeace and challenge those huge whaling ships fascinate me - I always wanted to be one of them on those little boats fighting on the side of the whales. I am all for Animal Rights!

5. I fear spiders so much so that when I see them my bones turn to jelly. Oh and marriage too, but that can be overcome thanks to S-O.

And now the challenge is who to tag? If you have already been tagged, please excuse my tardiness - but might I add that it is a small (dare I say incestuous) blogging community! Tee hee...The following are asked to reveal juicy, tasty, morsels of their life:

1. Jennifer
2. Fatima (Oh and I love your new bloggie look)
3. Raghav
4. Hamish

What are the rules? I am not sure how many to tag. Gosh, I feel like a six year old again. But anyway, tag, you're it!