Wednesday, 4 April 2007

These new walls

The same bed, the same TV, the same couches to flop into in front of that TV. And that blankie that you just cannot do without.

Within cardboard boxes the materialistic possessions one tends to collect: pots, pans, fairy and angel figurines and wind name a few. All waiting to open their eyes and hearts to drink in a certain newness.

It is a makeover, a different look, a fresher place where not so many ghosts walk the passageway with you late at night when insomnia becomes the name of your best friend.

But tonight is the last night at this apartment which is nothing short of charming and quaint, minus the neighbours.

And tomorrow, ah,tomorrow it will be goodnight within freshly painted walls in a proper house. But today is just a beginning of sorts... and an end.

The old and the new will merge to eventually create the intricate threads of delicate memories: sharing a flake, watching a movie and giggles after a naughty joke or two.

After all the manual labour of packing today, tomorrow is the actual move,then the cleaning, washing and, gulp, repacking.

Phew, but is moving house tiring.

And it is the Sister Person getting new home, not even yours truly. I demand a lifetime of free lodge and food after this experience. I reckon it is the only fair deal around.


Anonymous said...

The things we do for loved ones hey

Jennifer Shirk said...

"I demand a lifetime of free lodge and food after this experience."

I think that's a fair trade. :)

Marthyan said...

From streets, I move to the coziness of home, and then I see its a dwelling and less of home, and then I move on finding home in the streets and I am happy to be under the sky again with the fear of roof falling no more.

Dont know why I wrote this, but just struck me that I pen these down here

Take care

huzain said...

sounds like fun movin but with a twist. i wonder did u find anythin that u hide and then forgot where it was u put it lol. But to live in a house is somethin esle u have freedom do wat you want blast that music and dances all nite and to worry bouy. enjoy the new place trust me you will.

queen_Lestat said...

moving house is rated as amongst one of the most stressful things a person can do...ranked up there with divorce.

scary eh...

Though my mother says the only way my books'll stop lying around is if they're in transit to another house *siiigh*

Priya said...

hamish: i would do anything for the Sister Person. :)

jennifer: uh-huh, fair and just!

marthyan: thank you for those beautiful words. the stars are the best roof around. :)

huzain: i was actually helping my sister move and since she is a neat freak, no long lost items were found. that would have made it all rather exciting hey?

queen lestat: ooooh, you should see my sister's books! WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Tip if you ever move: buy at least 10 extra boxes for books alone.

queen_Lestat said...

10 won't do for me... I'd need at least 50 :P