Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Tag, I am IT again

Since all of us cannot be leaders, Bibi-Aisha tagged me to see which leader I would be. (twice tagged in a month...hmmmm...is there a conspiracy in Blogville too? Is the truth out here?) tee hee

According to results, I am (drum roll please + a moment of bated breath):

I am just thankful that I am not a power hungry dictator (are there any other kind?). This suits me just fine hey, because I respect her so. May her soul RIP. I guess going off to Calcutta now may just be a possibility. :)

Because I am in no mood to tag others, whoever wishes to take the test can reveal results in the comment section.

Good night everyone, sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...


Jennifer Shirk said...

Ah Mother Theresa, now THAT'S nice.

Apparently, I'm Hitler. EEEK!!!!!!!! (??!!!??!!)

Maybe I should have opted for more questions instead of doing the minimum.

I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight...

Anonymous said...

you're mother Teresa and I am Ghandi. As a friend said, that's a sign then world is coming to an end.

Priya said...

jennifer: i am sure that more questions would have brought a different answer.

hamish: or maybe we just have good in us, the way these leaders had.