Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Happy chocolateering

There seems to be a slump of some sort. Many people I know are low on endorphins. Yours truly included in this Pity Party. I wondered if it was in the alignment of the planets? The position of the moon? A new ingredient in the drinking water? Then I got too tired and even more depressed and dived deeper into the comfort of my bed.

When I FINALLY crawled out - I turned to day time talk shows and reading agony aunt columns simply because they make me feel my problems are but a milligram in the worlds chocolate supply.

Firstly, on the Dr Phil show some time back:
The audience was introduced to a nice old lady. She was portrayed as having a secret that could spell destruction for her marriage. An affair? An addict of sorts? A closeted lesbian? All these scenarios passed though my mind like a kaleidoscope.

But no, lo and behold, this nice old lady was just a shameful self confessed chocoholic. Bah Hamburg! There are probably children in forgotten corners of planet earth that have never had the luxury of savouring these tasty morsels! And nice old lady was complaining that she was having too much, baking too many truffles...and lying to the hubby about it. Oh, brother!

But Doctor Phil, in his Voice of God, said to her: "When you are not eating chocolate, you are thinking about it. And when you are making it, you both thinking about it and eating it! Then you are giving it to your neighbours too? You're a pusher!"

She shook her head in shame, lowered her eyes and beseeched the doctor of all cures to help her.

I did not know whether to throw my mug at the TV, laugh till my eyeballs popped or cry till I turned to dust.

Secondly in Financial Mail Campus for April 20, the Q&A Ask the Guru section
"Q: I can't stop eating chocolate. Aren't there some benefits to chocolate?

A: It's been said that dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and is an antioxidant that gobbles up destructive molecules that causes heart disease. But that is not the only Good news. Researchers have recently tested the buzz that chocolate gives against what is regarded as one of the biggest buzzes- kissing. And chocolate worn. When the volunteers in the medical study (hmmmmm...where was I for this?!) let dark chocolate melt on their tongues, their heart rates more than doubled. All regions of their brains received a boost far more intense and longer lasting than the excitement seen with kissing. This does not mean that you should eat all the chocolate you want.(And who will dare stop me?) It should still be consumed in moderation - balance the other calories by eating less of other things."

Note to self: switch to dark chocolate, and consume only that from hereon after.


Ahmed said...

I grew up on milk chocolate but I've sinced crossed over to the dark side. Dark chocolate is just the best! Milk just cant compare anymore.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I cannot believe Dr. Phil was serious. I chuckled just trying to picture the exchange. Too funny.

PS> I love ALL chocolate. :)

Anonymous said...

Everytime I come to your blog, I have to have chocolate.

What is wrong with me?

And Dr Phil is just WRONG in this aspect! Tsk!

Anonymous said...

AND yes...i shall find out about that kissing and choc thing.

Priya said...

ahmed: lemme dabble into the dark side for a bit. :)

jennifer: he was both funny and serious and good on you for not discriminating when it comes to chocolate.

fatima: heheeehhee :) i am spreading my evil ways. Yes, we should redo the experiment ouselves, just to test the accuracy.

bibi-aisha said...

im prbly the only blogger who hardly ever eats chocolate!

~Lord Anshul said...

chocomania...thts wat it is. people are actually regretting that they love chocolates. and my paunch is always in a "yeh-dil-mange-more" mode. chocolate rulzzz and dark >> milk

Anonymous said...

Bibi - you should be run out of blogland for that comment. I used to be an equal opportunity chocolateer but since Democracy I have noticed white chocolate rather scarce on my weekly supplies list. Affirmative Chocolate/Indigenous chocolate?previously Disadvantaged Chocolate?BEE chocolate rules. Now how did I manage to make that sound pornographic? A gift I say. A gift.

Did you know that Kissing burns more calories than a 5 min jog? Moral of the story, chocolate in excess leaves calories, so what do we do to burn that off? a win-win situation me thnks.

Priya here is something for you to try. If you like citrus fruits. Melt about 100g dark choc (80% coco mass) drizzle over peeled and sliced orange. As in cit up ornage as if you were gonna eat it, smother in melted dark AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Chocolate leave in the fridge to set, all of 2 min. Enjoy. Warning couples get out of hand after this.

Anonymous said...

omg omg omg .... hamish that sounds DIVINE!

Anonymous said...

i rock

Dew said...

I love dark chocolate.

lmao at old lady chocoholic. Thats ridiculous. wish I couldv'e seen that one.

Priya said...

bibi: it takes all sorts to make the world go round so dont you stress :)

lord anshul: the world is a place gone crazy! *shakes head*

hamish: i will must am going to try that! mind you, there are oranges at home, must just buy some DARK chocolate. if i hate it, your head will roll!

dew: its a great coven, innit?

Anonymous said...

lol. You will love it, I assure you