Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Good Day

Some days are better than others, period. I am happy to say yesterday was such a day, and I am so glad because recently, I have been sick, and feeling down and out.

Back to yesterday, it started off with my boss giving me this chocolate:

And any day is a good day when you get free chocolate! My S.O* also bought me some, so I had a double dose of free chocolate! HAPPINESS!

After work, I popped into the shops. Another customer complemented my dressing, saying how she can just take me to an African function "because I looked so nice." In the fridge, I finally found a coke bottle with my name on it. This is after many friends and family have found "Priya" but it has eluded yours truly.

Finally, in the evening, S.O called me outside. Why? Because this cute, little kitten was in our backyard: 

I tried to take a good picture of her, but she was so energetic and jumpy. I managed to hold her and pat her for a minute or so, then she was off again. 

So there you have it, a few small things that made me feel a whole lot better, and not dwell on those things that are bringing me down. 

Can I have more of these days, please universe? 

*S.O - Significant Other