Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Nail biting pressure

When someone who calls themselves Killa says the following:
"U know... for someone who's blog I REALLY enjoy reading as the content is enthralling..U REALLY NEED TO UPDATE OFTEN...I like reading ur shit. deal with it"

I've tried to look for inspiration for blog entries in the chocolate aisles of grocery shops, between the cracks of pavements, in the pinks of the sunsets and even in the silver light of the moon, but none to be found.

Now my palms are sweating. And I feel like it's the night before a major exam, job interview or even a driving licence. Under pressure, this cookie crumbles.

Hmm...time for chocolate digestives and carrot cake...the sugar may stop my hands from shaking.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

It's full of treasures

Large rooms fit for grand balls. Intricate arched walls and velvety textured wall paper. Artwork large and small, masterpieces adorned by lavish frames. Even the air smelt sophisticated. The atmosphere was electrified with history. The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square is a gem in London. From room to room, I walked in circles staring agape. Surely this amount of beauty under one roof is a sin?

A second, third and infinite trips is a must. And maybe one day I can sneak a painting home for a wall in my room. Or maybe I should hide underneath one of the couches and eventually make all that splendour my new home.