Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Nail biting pressure

When someone who calls themselves Killa says the following:
"U know... for someone who's blog I REALLY enjoy reading as the content is enthralling..U REALLY NEED TO UPDATE OFTEN...I like reading ur shit. deal with it"

I've tried to look for inspiration for blog entries in the chocolate aisles of grocery shops, between the cracks of pavements, in the pinks of the sunsets and even in the silver light of the moon, but none to be found.

Now my palms are sweating. And I feel like it's the night before a major exam, job interview or even a driving licence. Under pressure, this cookie crumbles.

Hmm...time for chocolate digestives and carrot cake...the sugar may stop my hands from shaking.


Azra said...

Hmmm...Blog about Killa...the man behind the mask LOL.

Being Brazen said... pressure. I liek to read your blog too - but dont force it...inspiration comes when it wants to

mylifescape said...

haha - i wondered what happend to you... i love following your blog!

not to sound too Oprah on you ... but the inspiration is within you... :)

just get blogging already! xx

KiLLa said...

O dear. Did i sound like a professor just demanding you to do a thesis on Linux and all its protocols..

Im so sorry. Song comes to mind.. By Queen - "Under pressure"

With no motivation there is no joy in writing. take your time and when the moment is right u will write.

Carrot cake and choc are always a good way to "deal with it"

Tazeen said...

people like you and want to read your stuff, that should be inspiration enough

Mark Berry said...

utah saints video - something good is going to happen. fine morning inspiration when you know nothing but slaving for work junkies awaits you. learn the dance, go into your bosses office when he looks at his most busy, and bust out.

viva le revolution!

do it, you know it makes sense.

Hi Prixie, love and chocolates to you :)

The Blogger previously known as singleguy said...

Prixie, We all love reading your stuff, but honestly I have to say, that Killa is the one that needs to "Deal With It". Nothing should be forced. It's when it's forced that it's artificial, it becomes laborious and definitely not a labour of love.

So I'm challenging Killa to "deal with it"

KiLLa said...

singleguy - do read what i wrote above.

"dealt with"

KiLLa said...

Prixie - Just so u know..

Prixie said...

this post was meant in jest, irony - cos i was inspired! :p if truth be told, its been busy at work recently, so sigh....

mark: welcome back!

Jo said...

Ahhhhh......if it only the blog muse would visit on demand. Glad that Killa dealt with

The creativeness of your writing is probably the reason that all of your followers keep coming back for more. You have a very refreshing style to your writing dear Prixie.

Kitty Cat said...

I'm glad to see you're blogging again! I also liked reading your blog.