Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What's Happening Here?

You reach 30, so do most of your friends ... and suddenly, a baby boom.

It seems most people I know are having babies, talking about babies, or are pregnant. It makes me feel like a weird tourist, pressing my face against a glass, looking in, and merely observing these happenings.

I for one, do not want children. I am as close to being maternal as Pluto is to the sun, even further would be more accurate! Now, here are my reasons why I do not want children, and I know I won't change my mind, no matter how far my internal clock is ticking:

1. Basic maths - why would I want to add to a global population bursting at 7 billion?
2. I'm selfish - I want my time and other resources to be spent on S.0 and I .
3. More goals - I feel I still want to study more, and by George, travel many more countries, and experience so much more...
4. Sleep - I love it, and I need a solid 8 to 9 hours a night - uninterrupted!
5. Maternal skills - I have nothing, nada, zilch, zero... it doesn't mean if I can show a lot of care to the adults in my life, that that is translated to showing it on children.
6. Logic - Some genes should NOT reproduce
7. My nature - I can't talk to, play with, or interact with anyone else's kids. I have not held a baby in my life. Children and I do not mix well at all.
8. Horror movie stuff - I have heard of the process of how the body changes during pregnancy, during birth, and even post childbirth. Horror movies sound more pleasant to me.

I am quite honest and vocal in these personal truths, and I hope I do not offend if it does not fit in with your point of view. And no matter whose child is put before me, these will still be my truths, unwavering, steadfast, and forevermore.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

It's Time for a Cat

I started writing this post in May 2013, after the wedding... it has been sitting in draft mode ever since:

I was naturally a very nervous bride. Every scenario that I could imagine going wrong, flashed through my mind like a never ending horror film reel. While on stage, I could not help but glance down at the crowd, trying to spot people I actually wanted to see.

My eyes zoomed in on a little, multi-coloured furry critter at one point. There it was, a cat, strolling down the red carpet, owning every moment. It zeroed in on the table where all my fussy, horrible aunts were sitting...tsk tsk. They tried to shoo him/her away, but he/she simply sat down next to the table, nonchalant as ever and...took a nap. Yes, that cat behaved like it owned the hall. I instantly loved him/her. I tried to get the attention of my photographer to snap a pic. My guests must have thought I went off my rockers because I kept on pointing down to the crowd and mouthing "Cat!" I think the priest might have gotten a tad irritated...just a tad.

Then, in Mauritius there were a few cats in and around the resort. They especially congregated around the sea food restaurant and Mediterranean joint...naturally! S.O. kept on reprimanding me: "Leave the cats alone! Don't touch them!" There were also two stray dogs that joined us for our morning walk on the beach. Being the dog lover that he is, the S.O. did not make a single peep when I patted them! **cough, cough** hypocrite...

Back at home, the complex we moved into says there are no pets allowed. Yet, I always see a white and grey cutie pie inside. I am sure he/she belongs to someone in the complex. I also know that the previous owner had a cat - when we viewed the place, she had a cat litter tray!

This all points to one thing really: I need to get a cat...stat. He/she will be black and dubbed "Coal". And I shall love Coal forever more.