Friday, 27 August 2010

Sorry honey

Yesterday I had a missed called on my mobile from a private number. I called the S.O. to find out if it was him.

His reply: "Yes, it was me," and I smiled, "but I dialled the wrong number." My face fell. "Excuse me?! As if my number can ever be the wrong one when dialled by you!" I screeched, in jest, of course.

Hmph...what a cheek! **evil grin**

S.O= Significant Other

Friday, 20 August 2010

On the 21st of August:

  • A town was founded.  In 1760 the church of  "Our Lady of Candlemas of Mayagüez (Puerto Rico)" was formed, establishing the basis for the founding of the city.
  • The British empire expanded. In 1770 James Cook claimed eastern Australia and named it New South Wales. 
  • Freedom is fought for. In 1831 Nat Turner led a rebellion to free blacks from slavery in America.
  • History is snatched! In 1911 the Mona Lisa is stolen by a Louvre employee! 
  • Royalty celebrates! King Mohammed VI of Morocco has his birthday. Happy Birthday Your Majesty! 
Oh and this year I will also clock another year after my day of birth...and what a time to think, reflect, mope and perhaps even celebrate? Yes it is my party, and I can cry if I want to! **winks** 

Please note: above info sourced from Wikipedia 

Monday, 16 August 2010

Oh um, sigh....

A radio show helped me stroll down memory lane this morning. They played the theme songs to classics from them days: The Gummy Bears tune, the Duck Tales song, the Heman song and even the Knightrider theme! I am sure the guys sitting in the bakkie* in front of me, thought me a tad insane smiling the way I did!

But it reminded me of time that was much more simple, when you though being an adult was easy, when the hardest decision was whether to play with a doll or a teddy and which imaginary friend to invite over for the tea party. It made me wonder about life in general and whether there is sense in this madness... How do we know what our path is? Why don't we get answers to our questions? Should we be asking questions? Is it wrong to think the way you do? Why are some people such selfish, cruel beings? And is it okay to give up and curl under your duvet till you feel ready (enough) to face the world again? So many questions...all rhetorical...

Bakkie*: Afrikaans word for van or lorry.