Wednesday, 22 July 2009

It's a kind of magic

When cheeks are dry from salt due to tears being shed much too frequent, a damn fine soak in a bubble bath is utmost priority. In the bowels of my toiletry draw I find...fairy dust*. It is the perfect addition for a magical makeover. Just half an hour, and my bones feel new, my skin aglow and the mental mugginess a bit more clear.

*very good bath salts, acting as this precious dust so rarely found in this day and age. C'mon, aren't you a believer?

Friday, 10 July 2009

Falling in love (again) is (still) hard on the knees

To all those who feel the urge to hurl at romance, a word of warning, do not read any further.

As S.O. and I approach our eight year landmark tomorrow, I feel quite reflective at the moment. Thinking back on our year apart, I know we both have grown in different ways. Sure, we had the long distance thing going on, but it is easier since we are now both in the same country. It feels as if I am getting to know him again. And that means falling in love yet again. It makes me feel rather light headed and light footed at times. You know, giddy and giggly and all those horribly girly attributes.

Sure we had our awkward moments when I just returned from London. And yes, we will have more awkward moments and further challenges. But more than ever before, I feel there is hope. And I have both of us as individuals and in the relationship.

To my S.O. thank you for the past eight years! Our life together has been light and laughter and love...except when you make me angry enough to throw you out of a window of a 10 storey building. ;)