Sunday, 3 August 2014

Marriage - a retrospective

I've been married for about 1 and a half years, and in that time I have felt myself evolving, being pushed, challenged, and getting forced out of my comfort zone.

There is a strange sort of synchronicity and intimacy that develops when two people live together. I have found this initially terrifying, and now oddly comforting. The S.O* has become someone I rely on with anything and everything. It is he whom I will go to with any sort of a problem and he is the first one I want to share good news with. There are about a million little things that happen throughout the day and I think: "I need to tell him." And he is the only one who can challenge me in his unique way - he sees the world very differently from me.

But let me be the first to admit, it has not been easy, in fact, the exact opposite. I would describe the first year of marriage as being in a pressure cooker. Granted, we had our unique circumstances (for e.g: I was working every weekend, which meant we had very little leisure time together), but I am sure other couples have also experienced the 'first year marriage blues' syndrome. I am very glad to say it seems we have made it through.

Now we have settled into a comfortable routine, I am not working every weekend so we have time to do fun things together. We both still swear by maintaining our individual personalities, but are also nurturing our joint life. As a friend once told me: "A young marriage needs time to be nurtured." Never were there truer words spoken.

I still say I never wanted to get married, but all in all, its been an experience I think I needed. I have grown, so has he. It's not easy, but it is worth it, because it is great living with your best friend... and one you can snuggle up to.

*S.O - Significant Other 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Frustrations of social media

From working on many social media accounts, for various reality TV shows, channels, and companies, I have learnt the following (and forgive the rant!):
  • The audience assumes there is an omnipotent presence monitoring the accounts 24/7, 365, and said presence has all the answers related to the brand on that social media account. No, people, it is just a normal personal employed to manage and maintain these accounts. Most of the time, answering queries is a back and forth process between departments to get just the right answer. 
  • It has made people lazy to search for the information they want. Ever heard of google? Its an ingenious search engine, that will help you find anything on the web, really! Want to know what time a TV show starts, or when is the repeat? Here's a tip: Look in the TV guide.
  • In relation to the above, people do not read the updates with the attention it deserves. For example, if the status update reads: "Tune into the show tonight at 17:00 on [insert channel]." We will no doubt see comments like "when is the show?", "what channel?". READ. THE. UPDATE! 
  • Online, people have no filter, they say anything, and I do mean anything! It has actually made me loose a lot of faith in human kind. I wonder if such people would ever say those things in person! Highly doubtful...
  • And the spam! Stop with the damn pornographic content, xenophobia, racism, ponzi schemes, and get-rich-quick cons. It makes moderating pages a nightmare! 
  • People are forgetting how to spell and structure proper sentences... the level of deterioration of English is scary!
  • It astounds me how the audience invests so much into these shows. Its a TV show, that is all. Get over it. 
  • Audiences are rarely happy with anything that happens on a show, we've seen it all: "The judges are crap", "voting is rigged", "I won't watch the show anymore", "bring back the ousted contestant". Yawn! 
It has altered my personal approach to my accounts, and how I deal with brands too. So before you fire off on any social media platform in the future, please remember these points. 

Monday, 30 June 2014

On Brazil 2014

There have been many thoughts running around in my mind since the World Cup Soccer started, hosted in Brazil this year. Hop on over to The Football Journal, to read a little bit of it.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mother City beckons

There's something about Cape Town that makes me feel it is the beautiful Cinderella of South Africa, and Johannesburg, it's ugly step sister.

The S.O* and I went to the Mother City for a blitz, first year anniversary trip.** I once again fell head over heels in love with Cape Town... the ease of transport, the location, the beach, the vibrancy... there is an atmosphere there that allows me to breath easier, where I can be more myself, and enjoy more outdoor activities.

Johannesburg, however, does have its perks as well. There is a great work ethic in this city, and if there is anything you are looking for in South Africa, you'll probably find it in Johannesburg (except the beach).

The gorgeous Bo Kaap.
Charly's Bakery... 
An early morning walk on the Promenade, with a sea gull to keep me company.  
A trip to the Aquarium. 
All pictures taken by myself. 

And as I publish my blog post, I find this read, "15 Reasons Cape Town Should Be No. 1 On Your Travel Agenda" on Huffington Post. 

*S.O - Significant Other 
**The company I work for sent us on this trip, after I had what I like to call a mini break down due to the intense busyness we were experiencing. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

Who Would Have Thought?

It's been a strange couple of days...

The past weekend, I went to Sun City for work. I do not usually share stories about work but this experience is an exception to my rules.

The company I work for produced the Miss South Africa pageant, and televised it live!

I never before experienced the intensity of this sort of a production. I have mainly worked in print  media, but my current job combines online, production, and broadcast... all immensely busy platforms.

In any case, it was quite a hoot to see burly production guys cheer and jeer... for a beauty pageant. It was as if they were watching a sports match in a pub. They all had their favourite finalists, and some were surprised by the results. I never thought I'd see the day when men were invested in beauty pageants... and in fact, neither am I.

But, the thing is, when you work so closely on a project, you unwittingly become invested in it. We have been working on "The Road to Miss SA" from August 2013. And because it has been so long, you feel you have held the contestants' hands through their incredible journey. And I suppose that is the lure of reality TV, as fake as it is, audiences are still able identify with the characters.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Good Day

Some days are better than others, period. I am happy to say yesterday was such a day, and I am so glad because recently, I have been sick, and feeling down and out.

Back to yesterday, it started off with my boss giving me this chocolate:

And any day is a good day when you get free chocolate! My S.O* also bought me some, so I had a double dose of free chocolate! HAPPINESS!

After work, I popped into the shops. Another customer complemented my dressing, saying how she can just take me to an African function "because I looked so nice." In the fridge, I finally found a coke bottle with my name on it. This is after many friends and family have found "Priya" but it has eluded yours truly.

Finally, in the evening, S.O called me outside. Why? Because this cute, little kitten was in our backyard: 

I tried to take a good picture of her, but she was so energetic and jumpy. I managed to hold her and pat her for a minute or so, then she was off again. 

So there you have it, a few small things that made me feel a whole lot better, and not dwell on those things that are bringing me down. 

Can I have more of these days, please universe? 

*S.O - Significant Other 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What's Happening Here?

You reach 30, so do most of your friends ... and suddenly, a baby boom.

It seems most people I know are having babies, talking about babies, or are pregnant. It makes me feel like a weird tourist, pressing my face against a glass, looking in, and merely observing these happenings.

I for one, do not want children. I am as close to being maternal as Pluto is to the sun, even further would be more accurate! Now, here are my reasons why I do not want children, and I know I won't change my mind, no matter how far my internal clock is ticking:

1. Basic maths - why would I want to add to a global population bursting at 7 billion?
2. I'm selfish - I want my time and other resources to be spent on S.0 and I .
3. More goals - I feel I still want to study more, and by George, travel many more countries, and experience so much more...
4. Sleep - I love it, and I need a solid 8 to 9 hours a night - uninterrupted!
5. Maternal skills - I have nothing, nada, zilch, zero... it doesn't mean if I can show a lot of care to the adults in my life, that that is translated to showing it on children.
6. Logic - Some genes should NOT reproduce
7. My nature - I can't talk to, play with, or interact with anyone else's kids. I have not held a baby in my life. Children and I do not mix well at all.
8. Horror movie stuff - I have heard of the process of how the body changes during pregnancy, during birth, and even post childbirth. Horror movies sound more pleasant to me.

I am quite honest and vocal in these personal truths, and I hope I do not offend if it does not fit in with your point of view. And no matter whose child is put before me, these will still be my truths, unwavering, steadfast, and forevermore.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

It's Time for a Cat

I started writing this post in May 2013, after the wedding... it has been sitting in draft mode ever since:

I was naturally a very nervous bride. Every scenario that I could imagine going wrong, flashed through my mind like a never ending horror film reel. While on stage, I could not help but glance down at the crowd, trying to spot people I actually wanted to see.

My eyes zoomed in on a little, multi-coloured furry critter at one point. There it was, a cat, strolling down the red carpet, owning every moment. It zeroed in on the table where all my fussy, horrible aunts were sitting...tsk tsk. They tried to shoo him/her away, but he/she simply sat down next to the table, nonchalant as ever and...took a nap. Yes, that cat behaved like it owned the hall. I instantly loved him/her. I tried to get the attention of my photographer to snap a pic. My guests must have thought I went off my rockers because I kept on pointing down to the crowd and mouthing "Cat!" I think the priest might have gotten a tad irritated...just a tad.

Then, in Mauritius there were a few cats in and around the resort. They especially congregated around the sea food restaurant and Mediterranean joint...naturally! S.O. kept on reprimanding me: "Leave the cats alone! Don't touch them!" There were also two stray dogs that joined us for our morning walk on the beach. Being the dog lover that he is, the S.O. did not make a single peep when I patted them! **cough, cough** hypocrite...

Back at home, the complex we moved into says there are no pets allowed. Yet, I always see a white and grey cutie pie inside. I am sure he/she belongs to someone in the complex. I also know that the previous owner had a cat - when we viewed the place, she had a cat litter tray!

This all points to one thing really: I need to get a cat...stat. He/she will be black and dubbed "Coal". And I shall love Coal forever more.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Wishing for Winter Woolies

It's been terribly hot in Johannesburg recently. I have been quite bothered and irritable with these sort of high temperatures, because it is very difficult to remedy if you have no air conditioning. I prefer winter simply because you can keep warm in winter, but it is very difficult to keep cool in summer.

Don't even get me started on driving in a car with no air conditioning - such modern torture! My car feels like a sauna met a little slice of hell.

So as the heat burns away, I am longingly looking at my warm winter clothes and boots, wishing fervently for the day I can wear them again. Summer, begone!

Friday, 10 January 2014

The Year Of...

A few of the gorgeous mugs I received this year
If I could some up 2013 in a phrase, it would be the "Year of Mugs". Here's why:

When S.O and I moved into our new house, his sister gave us four mugs.
Mug tally: 4

Shortly after we moved into our home, the Sister-Person gave me a grande mug, with a lion on it. Why? Because I am a Leo.
Mug tally: 5

The S.O also gave me a gorgeous grande pink mug for my birthday, and so did one of my dear friends.
Mug tally: 7

When I went to Doha for holiday, I also got not one, but two beautiful mugs from my friends.
Mug tally: 9

And maybe this does not count as mugs, but when we once invited S.O's friends over, they bought us a set of six espresso cups. It is still something to drink coffee out of, so I am adding it to the mug count.
Mug tally: 15

Monday, 6 January 2014

And Just Like That, It Is 2014

I began writing this post in December 2013:

This has been such a strange, stressful but wonderful, crazy year.

While I got married and I am loving creating a home with S.O*, I hated every millisecond of the wedding... the event itself and the year of planning. I really thought it was going to give me an aneurysm. Seriously, weddings are so over-rated. I would have rather invested all that money into my future home, or future endeavors like travel or study.

Then there is married life and maintaining a home... not easy when you are working practically six days a week and work is intensely busy. I feel I have neglected myself, my S.O, my writing, my well-being and my new home. But I have learnt something through all of this - no matter what, don't kill yourself for the sake of work. And that will stay with me, even going into this new year. In all likelihood, work will be even busier than this year. But I need to remember my life while fulfilling work obligations.

I immensely enjoy having S.O in cuddle distance. We waited to live together, and only did so after marriage. It sure is a treat to have him around! However, balancing our two very different personalities has been a great learning curve. We challenge each other, but we also comfort each other. 

To sum up, my highlights of the year has been:

  • Taking months to renovate our new home, and especially the kitchen (You can see pictures of the house here)
  • Having an epic bridal shower 
  • Surviving the wedding, and the memorable honeymoon thereafter. Mauritius is certainly a food haven for vegetarians!
  • Seeing so many loved ones from abroad, and far away, attending the wedding
  • Moving into our new home, and being so welcomed and loved by S.O's family 
  • Learning to live with my S.O, and having him challenge my way of thinking, taking me out of my box
  • Building a structure and pattern for our new lifestyle - but feeling as if we are playing house! :) 
  • Waiting the entire year for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special (I know, I know... but I am a self-confessed, proud Whovian!)
  • Attending an unforgettable Amazing Race Party, and learning so much about Jo'burg I didn't know. Mind you, we did this dressed as pirates.... arrr! (Pictured above) 
  • And still to come - a quickie trip to the coast for a friend's wedding and then another to Doha to see some of my favourite people 
Dressed as pirates! 
Two of the photos from the wedding, taken by Joylight Photography. 
The bridal shower cake.

Travelling to Doha has left me seeing with a new pair of eyes. I appreciate the freedom South Africa enshrines in its constitution, but it has left me missing my dear friends even more. I love that when we see each other, it is as if no time has passed and we slot right back into our comfort zones. 

Hope 2014 is good to each and every one of you! 

S.O - Significant Other