Monday, 6 January 2014

And Just Like That, It Is 2014

I began writing this post in December 2013:

This has been such a strange, stressful but wonderful, crazy year.

While I got married and I am loving creating a home with S.O*, I hated every millisecond of the wedding... the event itself and the year of planning. I really thought it was going to give me an aneurysm. Seriously, weddings are so over-rated. I would have rather invested all that money into my future home, or future endeavors like travel or study.

Then there is married life and maintaining a home... not easy when you are working practically six days a week and work is intensely busy. I feel I have neglected myself, my S.O, my writing, my well-being and my new home. But I have learnt something through all of this - no matter what, don't kill yourself for the sake of work. And that will stay with me, even going into this new year. In all likelihood, work will be even busier than this year. But I need to remember my life while fulfilling work obligations.

I immensely enjoy having S.O in cuddle distance. We waited to live together, and only did so after marriage. It sure is a treat to have him around! However, balancing our two very different personalities has been a great learning curve. We challenge each other, but we also comfort each other. 

To sum up, my highlights of the year has been:

  • Taking months to renovate our new home, and especially the kitchen (You can see pictures of the house here)
  • Having an epic bridal shower 
  • Surviving the wedding, and the memorable honeymoon thereafter. Mauritius is certainly a food haven for vegetarians!
  • Seeing so many loved ones from abroad, and far away, attending the wedding
  • Moving into our new home, and being so welcomed and loved by S.O's family 
  • Learning to live with my S.O, and having him challenge my way of thinking, taking me out of my box
  • Building a structure and pattern for our new lifestyle - but feeling as if we are playing house! :) 
  • Waiting the entire year for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special (I know, I know... but I am a self-confessed, proud Whovian!)
  • Attending an unforgettable Amazing Race Party, and learning so much about Jo'burg I didn't know. Mind you, we did this dressed as pirates.... arrr! (Pictured above) 
  • And still to come - a quickie trip to the coast for a friend's wedding and then another to Doha to see some of my favourite people 
Dressed as pirates! 
Two of the photos from the wedding, taken by Joylight Photography. 
The bridal shower cake.

Travelling to Doha has left me seeing with a new pair of eyes. I appreciate the freedom South Africa enshrines in its constitution, but it has left me missing my dear friends even more. I love that when we see each other, it is as if no time has passed and we slot right back into our comfort zones. 

Hope 2014 is good to each and every one of you! 

S.O - Significant Other 


po said...

You look amazing in the wedding photos, I just love that dress xx

Helen said...

Beautiful! the SO and I are currently waiting to get married pre-cohabiting and I'm so glad to find someone else who knows the frustration! We just need to wait until we're both employed at the same time...

That bridal shower cake looks amazing, love the flowers!

Prixie said...

Thanks Po. Hard to believe I went with the traditional route.

Hi Helen. Hope this is the year it all works out. Sending you positive vibes!

Azra said...

Welcome back. Life kinda gets in the way of writing sometimes - I know ;)

You look stunning in your wedding garb (yeah I feel the same way about standing on ceremony).

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for the next chapter :)

thegirlhassparke said...

Ah it sounds like you had a busy 2013 - you look beautiful in the wedding photos. I think it is really romantic to wait to live together. I hope you have a wonderful 2014.

Prixie said...

Thank you, Azra. It is SO GOOD to be back. And this year, I would like to put my writing above most things - hope it works out that way.

Thegirlhassparke, thank you. I hope you have a fabulous year too. And yes, the year was far too busy.