Friday, 10 January 2014

The Year Of...

A few of the gorgeous mugs I received this year
If I could some up 2013 in a phrase, it would be the "Year of Mugs". Here's why:

When S.O and I moved into our new house, his sister gave us four mugs.
Mug tally: 4

Shortly after we moved into our home, the Sister-Person gave me a grande mug, with a lion on it. Why? Because I am a Leo.
Mug tally: 5

The S.O also gave me a gorgeous grande pink mug for my birthday, and so did one of my dear friends.
Mug tally: 7

When I went to Doha for holiday, I also got not one, but two beautiful mugs from my friends.
Mug tally: 9

And maybe this does not count as mugs, but when we once invited S.O's friends over, they bought us a set of six espresso cups. It is still something to drink coffee out of, so I am adding it to the mug count.
Mug tally: 15


Azra said...

I like mugs but tend to be monogamous. I have one mug that is mine, just mine... and it kills me when someone else uses it :)

Deidre said...

We have a mug situation at our home too! We started off with 1 mug, and then got a set of 4. And then a set of two. Which then my husband broke one and then my friend sent me 3 more (you know so there were spares because they are my favourite!). And then we have miscellaneous mugs that just appear.

Prixie said...

Azra: I am like that at work, my mug even stays on my desk, instead of the office kitchen cupboard.

Deidre: Our stories sound oh-so-similar!

thegirlhassparke said...

Haha oh dear, well you really never can have too many mugs! Brendan got heaps of beer glasses for his 21st birthday, i don't think that he was to impressed.