Sunday, 1 April 2007

Tag and I am it

Oh good golly gumdrops I have been tagged a week ago and had no idea - thanks to hormonal blogger!

So thank you K-Man, this is my maiden tag too. And apologies for the late post.

Five things that you do not know about me. Er....where do I start? And better yet, what do I reveal? heheheeee

1. I have naturally curly hair and straighten on occasion but it has taken me years to love the curls and actually be totally comfortable with them.

2. I used to read Danielle Steele! SHOCK! HORROR! But please remember this is just my past. :)

3. There are days when I do not eat any chocolate. (Yep, honest to God truth!)

4. Those people that work for Greenpeace and challenge those huge whaling ships fascinate me - I always wanted to be one of them on those little boats fighting on the side of the whales. I am all for Animal Rights!

5. I fear spiders so much so that when I see them my bones turn to jelly. Oh and marriage too, but that can be overcome thanks to S-O.

And now the challenge is who to tag? If you have already been tagged, please excuse my tardiness - but might I add that it is a small (dare I say incestuous) blogging community! Tee hee...The following are asked to reveal juicy, tasty, morsels of their life:

1. Jennifer
2. Fatima (Oh and I love your new bloggie look)
3. Raghav
4. Hamish

What are the rules? I am not sure how many to tag. Gosh, I feel like a six year old again. But anyway, tag, you're it!



Raghav said...

thanks.. but im not into the 'tag' thing. So kindly exclude me.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Thanks a lot. ( I'm being sarcastic) **just kidding**

I'll post it tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

hehe..i already posted on this :
Thanks btw :)

Alas, I shall give you a few juicy details that I didn't include there.
Lol (very bad stuff)

Anonymous said...

oi you, The fat kid always gets tagged, (trips over own feet and falls flat.)

safiyyamk said...

chocolate chocolate- they are just tooo delicious :)

qdee said...

lol, i totally identify with 1, 2 and 3..i think after all my lemon and sprite tequila shots, i had to start looking after my teeth. but i miss my aero mint.

Priya said...

raghav: whoopsie...sorry to impose.

jennifer: thanks :)

fatima: my apologies had me tantalised for a bit. :)

hamish: then this entire blogosphere community are a bunch of fat kids (myself included), tripping and falling all over blogville.

safiyyamk: and they are decadent, sublime and ravishing.

qdee: treat yourself to some aero mint when you think you could do with harm done.

Anonymous said...


I was exempt from athletics day in primary school.

Just on a balance of probabilities...