Saturday, 31 March 2007

Blogger is hormonal

Or perhaps it is just my silly ole dial up connection. But let me admit to the struggle of late: unable to blog.

If truth be told, I just cross my fingers whenever I log on nowadays and hope and pray and even try to blackmail the power that is that I can blog and read others too.

Today my answer was in the affirmative and I am ever so very grateful.

Blessed be.


Anonymous said...

Blogging is the new heroin. Just to able to string words together into some meaningfu, albeit, near insignicant string, is a necessary pleasure.

bibi-aisha said...

Ooh!i kno.i hav2 get adsl. I tried playin around wif blog 2dy to no avail. Took 4 tries b4 it even signed me in! aargh!

Priya said...

hamish: i love that phrase; necessary pleasure. but better to blog than drug your body... thats what i say anyway.

bibi-aisha: i feel your pain, i really do.

Anonymous said...

drugs is merely a matter of semantics, We all have our special names for socially acceptable vices. Last month it was double cream yogurt. So good you will rename a loved one after it. But the community frowns on names like rubarb. Oh well life is hard, guess they gonna have to start somewhere hey?