Friday, 2 March 2007

A scary and exciting time

An eight month journey and today, it is over. Sure, my stint here started off bad, but working at a national weekly flipped to be a decadent chocolate experience. In the name of work, I have(and number 12 could be the craziest):

1. Stayed at the Palace at the Lost City, Sun City.
2. Covered the Vodacom Spring Break at the Valley of the Waves.
3. Was a passenger in a Ferrari to Sun City.
4. Visited Swaziland for a media tour.
5. Visited Mpumalanga for a media tour.
6. Covered the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA).
7. Went to the Sanlam Fashion week in July 2006.
8. Finished up with the Audi Fashion Week in February 2007.
9. Went on a muddy 4X4 trail in Port St. Johns.
10. Went for the Magaliesburg Canopy Tour.
11. Covered many social events, who knew so many parties happened during the week?
12. And, er, I got to pee standing up, thanks to the P-Mate. (Yeah, you men out there, nothing is sacred to your species any longer)

But above all, it is the people I have met. From being just friends, they have become a dysfunctional family away from home, whom I cannot help but love. And needless to say, they will all be missed, everyone of them.

I confessed to the S-O* that I am sad.
"Enjoy it, while it lasts," he replies.

S-O = Significant Other


Jennifer Shirk said...

WOW. You've experienced a lot!

#12 sounds like it will be an interesting memory... (HA!)

So what are you going to do next?

Priya said...

jennifer: confusion reigns supreme at the moment.

bibi-aisha said...

ooh! can i have ur job? :-p

ps: i must say (im straight!) that u r very pretty

Priya said...

bibi-aisha: you can be a journalist any time. and thanks fo the complement.