Friday, 23 February 2007

Recent chocolate trips :)

A work colleague got this as a gift from M-Net. She was kind enough to share! "OOOOH, Priya, this is your lucky day, girl!" she shouted from her desk. I could not agree more. I love the support I get for my addiction.

These chocolates were but a few at The Sister Person's house, another self confessed choco-holic.



Ahmed said... I feel like going to buy some myself.

The K-man said...

I want the hazel nut please :)

Priya said...

ahmed: don't let anything hold you back. :)

the k-man: that is one of my favourites

Anonymous said...

I'm salivating!!

Anonymous said...

...chocolates ......I'll pass, space cookies, now we talking!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oooh! YUM!!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer: yum to the space cookies .... if so.... then we have a WINNER

Priya said...

fatima: lol

anon: you are crazy...and corrupted!

jennifer: feel free to ignore anon.


mortalmuslim said...

me is drooooooooooolin!