Wednesday, 7 February 2007

One night in India and one morning in Johannesburg

Look cars on the road at sunrise! (Alright it is not the most visible, but the cars are at the bottom, in the dark) Don't people ever sleep?!

This mornings sunrise on my way to work. It almost made the wake up worth while.
Yesterday, Feb 6, I had this conversation with my mummy:
Mum: Do you know what date it is?
Priya: Yes, uh, its the 6th of Feb.
Mum: And what was the date yesterday?
Priya (Suspecting that she is becoming senile, I answered with that question mark look) That would make it the 5th of Feb, mummy.
Mum: And do you remember what day that is?
Priya: (Still with the question mark look deepening my forehead wrinkles, the penny finally dropped and sank) Oh, that was the day I was conceived!
Why she remembers this, and why I know it, fails to reason.
But I guess that one night in India, at my aunt's house and on the floor, nogal, must have been special.
It's puke-my-guts-out-gross meets some odd sense of sweetness.


Safeeyah said...

A qoutable quote for your cloudy perceptions:
"The light in South Africa replaces the architecture." Unknown...

Priya said...

Saf, Beau of a quote to use in your travel writing one day.
where are you? what are you doing? we miss you here!

queen_Lestat said...

lol...that's an example of one of those facts/details i would NOT want to know about myself :)

Anonymous said...

once upon a time, when i was still in jhb, the sunrises were my favourite part of waking up at 5am to get to work everyday. it put a smile on my dial, so to speak :P

why oh why do parents give us strange information?

it reminds me of a time, i was about 10yrs old and still at school, and a friend of mine and i were calculating the months apart between her birthday and my birthday.
it was 9months exactly.
so she was cracking knowing that my parents conceived me on the date of her birth.
well...we were only just 10yrs old... :/

Jennifer Shirk said...

The pics are beautiful!

Thanks for the link. I linked you too. :)

The K-man said...

very cool pic. And nice story hehe thanks for sharing :)

Priya said...

Queen Lestat: It gives me that Argg!-Somebody-Save-Me-Feeling but I knew even before I knew what being conceived meant. Erm, ja, I had no choice in the matter.

Fatima: Your story made me laugh...crazy 10 year olds! Didn't we all do something just like that?! *sigh* Them good ole days...
But the sunrise is so stunning, I am too lazy to wake up at that time every morning.

Jennifer: I like to link to blogs I frequent, makes it easier than scratching your head and wondering what the hell was that URL I liked?!
And thank you for the link.

K-Man: Now I feel somewhat exposed and vulnerable since sharing....I am having second thoughts...

su said...

pri pri, does the navigator know you're blogging such personals? oh what would people say...lol_

and that sunrise reminded me of shiluvari_

nostalgia..sigh :)

Priya said...

Su su, what can the Mother and Father Person say? They are the ones to have revealed such dirty talk!
That sunrise reminded you of the shiluvari one? YOU WERE IN BED! I was the freak that ran out in my jammies to watch the sunrise, finding TK there already. But I guess those pictures I took helped...
*sigh* strange, wonderful days...

zh said...

Geography Lesson for non-Lenasians:i know the route.this is sunrise bend for those that travel it,ironic,as the opposite direction is known as death-bend. further up, about 5kms, on the oncoming side,thats sunset bend, where u see the soweto silo's against the setting sun...&folks think the lenz-joburg commute was a chore! (well they're right really)--

Priya said...

zh now you just went and gave it away! but i never thought of it, the sunrise as you begin your work day and the sunset as you end. it would be almost poetic if Lenasia was not so bloody far from everything, cos by the time you see that sunset you just want your bloody bed. A chore? that is an understatement! Yeah, I have issues...