Wednesday, 14 February 2007

V does NOT stand for Vendetta today

Romantic Love becomes a mass onslaught of a red and white blur of teddies, cheap plastic roses, their expensive real counterparts and heart shaped chocolates.
In order not to be crushed and swept away by it, I surrender, I give up and I raise the white flag (and to show my sincerity, it has a little red heart in the center).
So, in the 'spirit' of things, HAPPY V DAY to one and all.


The Sister Person sent this message this morning:
Love is a bird, you hold it tightly, it dies. You hold it lightly, it flies, you hold it nicely, it shits in your hands. Uh!!! So forget Love, it is better to FLIRT... Happy Valentines Day.

Methinks she has issues with love. Poor girl...


Jennifer Shirk said...

Ugh, I surrender too! (Happy V day)

qdee said...

hope you had an awesome day ;)

Priya said...

Jennifer: I hope you had an awesome day. Did the hubby spoil you?

qdee: it was lovely, thank you. did you have a good one too?

The K-man said...

Well you know my view on the valentines day phenomenon. Well happy day instead :) And thats a cool sms. A bird in a hand usually shit in your hand lol


Priya said...

K-man: Happy all days to you.