Monday, 19 February 2007

In with the old

Completing high school at the beginning of a new century (ie 2000) was the thing that dreams are made of.
An end of an era, a new beginning of a bright epoch and a world to discover.
Tick tock....tick tock...
Seven years have gone by, seven years of scantly keeping in touch with just a few of our friends, and seven years of the dreaded adult life.
Suddenly it is the February 12, 2007.
And in my Inbox a mail from one of them millennium graduates.
Subject line: Hello Peeps
And, surprise surprise, there are other addresses. Other people from the Class of 2000. Not many, just half.
A conversation begins.
A wonderful madness is born.
Thanks to both Eleanor Masher and Moe Chothia.
Beyond swapping the who's married news, it feels like we are in Maths or English class again.
Just that it is over e-mail.
And no teacher hounding us to keep quiet. :)
Other old class mates are slowly roped in.
As memories flood the mind, a web of nostalgia is spun.
Another time, another place, the same people, new memories made, old ones mulled over, laughed at, old teaches to bitch about and work is thankfully side lined.
Currently my Yahoo folder for Class of 2000 stands at 934 emails.
I salute you all for that is an achievement in itself.
And the conversation continues.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!Surreal is probably a good word.
Its been quite fascinating to see how things have turned out, or shaping up.

Some..or most people are probably judging books by the covers from school - the generally introverted individuals became auditors/accountants....extroverts journalist, HR, still finding out bout most... just pays the bills..and yes...WE HAVE NO PASSION FOR WORK!!
OK, totally off track with my initial thought, which has all but, withered into rambling threads in my mind!!

My point in conclusion, its fliipin great to finally meet up. WHo knows?We may not have seen eye to eye at school, but, with the ounce of wisdom we now possess, we realize that everyone is 3 dimensional, and theres always something to gain by expanding your social circles


Priya said...

tis so true Lallo. Sadly in high school prejudice (to a degree) was rife.
as we get older, we see that high school was not a true reflection of most people. And age does bring wisdom, so now we can see people for who they really are.

And in conclusion, everyone is crazy!