Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Every robot, a story

In South Africa we are blessed to have mini markets at all major intersections: from clothing hangers, to people taking the rubbish from our cars for a bit of money, to the guy holding a board saying he has 12 children to feed but no job.
This past Saturday, after attending the Audi Fashion Week, one such guy held a cardboard with thick black writing.
I try not to read these boards, for it always makes me sad.
Then my eyes unwillingly whizzed though the words:
(For those that are not familiar with the state Zimbabwe is, thanks to their president, Robert, refer to the link)
I sat still for a semi second and then to my fellow passengers: "Guys read that guys board! It is so funny!"
Hastily I tried to locate my purse, but the robot illuminated green into the car quite suddenly and we were off.
I wanted to give him something... I really did.
In his own way, he is standing up for the people of Zimbabwe, because quite apparently their President is not.


The K-man said...

The audi fashion week. I was in sandton on saturday night and wanted to get in bleh i couldnt. Lol@the sign. Bob mugabe needs to be stopped his country is in shambles.

masood said...

In the 80's Mugabe was considered one of Africa's most intelligent and insightful leaders. Its amazing how times change hey

Priya said...

K-Man: wow, we were in the same place at the same time, and could have walked past each other and not even know! Imagine that! Mad Bob (as I like to call him) does need to be stopped, I totally agree.

Masood: Yeah, and our northern neighbour was considered thee bread basket for the continent. Now it is the total opposite...how sad.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow. Now you're giving ME a history lesson. I love it.

That sign was pretty funny. Too bad you couldn't get the picture.

Priya said...

jennifer: it is a pity.

Bilal said...

may i just add, the Zims ruins cannot be blamed solely on Mugabe- though he has played a major part in it!
concern for us should be, how to prevent us going down the same road...

& on the robot guys- will everyone please take a pamphlet from the guy handing them out. even if you dont want it. help him do his job:)
[then you could also give all the accumalated pamphlets to the black bag guy!]

Priya said...

bilal: i hope and pray we do not end up like Zim....
and good idea on the pamphlets...will put into practice from now on.