Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ah the satisfaction of a trip to the shops!

Anyone who has shopped for a good pair of jeans knows all too well you may find a perfect fit - once every decade or so! Yes, really.

I popped into Woolies* yesterday after work. Much to my surprised pleasure, "Up to 60% off" signs in bold red and white, egged me on from every could I ignore it? I had to succumb! Into the paltry looking sale racks (only two!) I dived and emerged, victoriously with a few items, one of them being jeans.

Delight melted my knees into jelly in the changing room when I tried them on. No gaping waist? Check. Not overly tight at the hips? Check. A comfortable fit that is not too lose nor tight? Check. Perfect length? Check! Perfect length?! Anyone who knows me in person, knows that I am so vertically challenged, I consider it a valid disability. And the major reason the jeans was not too long for me? Kids clothing, people! I will be gracious enough to allow you a very small chuckle at my expense. But the biggest cherry on the cake? I bagged them for a mere R56!**

*Colloquial (and loving) term for Woolworths, a South African store selling food, clothes and other house hold items, much like the Marks and Spencer shops in the UK. 

**That would be roughly 5 Euro, or US$8, or 4.9 Pounds! Price converted at


Azra said...

Score! :D The best buys are the bargains, especially here in SA because most retail stores here don't really know the meaning of the word "SALE". Its great, I'm happy for you!

the writer said...

awesome :) though u are the ONLY person i know who scores such mad bargains - i miss our shopping adventures!

ps. a better fit than a Levi Curve?

Prixie said...

Azra, I miss the London sales! Not to mention the fashion!

writer: length wise, definitely better than the Levis Bold Curve. Everything else is the same. :) miss you too!

bb_aisha said...


I love it when I get surprise bargains. Wow better than the Levis Curve. Man I'd better head to Woolies when i'm back.

Ant said...

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