Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Jolted out of slumber

Sent text message to S.O* at 5.00AM that reads:

"Oh my God! I dreamed someone asked me if you proposed cos they seen a ring on my finger. Then they asked if it was diamonds and I said I hope he was not that stupid! Urg! Woke up with such a fright! PLEASE don't do stupid things in reality!"

A bit of background context to those who do not know me or us:

  • I do not believe in marriage for myself. But S.O and I have been together for nine years. 
  • No, I am not a bitch hag from hell stringing him along. Neither is he very ready at this stage. 
  • Now that we are of marriageable age, and part of an ethnic community, the pressure is on! 
  • The only reason I will marry, is to be with S.O for the rest of our lives and he is traditional like that. 
  • And I really don't like diamonds and proper jewellery.
*S.O = Significant Other


Helen said...

I tend to have really vivid dreams sometimes too, and I often wake up thinking that I've received messages or had conversations on the phnone that never happened so I sometimes have to ask awkward questions in the morning...

the writer said...

haha! posts like these are why we're friends <3

Being Brazen said...

hahahaha.....I just have to laugh at that. Just cause I think the opposite

prashant said...

hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!great post
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