Wednesday, 23 July 2008

It is so difficult

Seeing S.O's friends really turned up the water works again. Maybe it was seeing his handwriting on the cards or maybe it was just actually sending me things, showing that he is thinking of me. I miss him so.

I want to just see his eyes again, watch him smile and put my hand into his. Feel his closeness and hear him when he laughs out loud. I want to be able to have supper with him or sit next to him during a movie.

There are days when I wonder why I am keeping myself from the one I Love?

S.O - just come for a visit already.


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

did he visit?

whats the update??

i tagged you in a competition meme -

please, oh please, oh it! do it for me. please. like seriously please.

Reptile said...

Very Sweet indeed and I'm sure he feels the same way!

Prixie said...

expensive: he must still visit! freak!

reptile: well, i know he does. :)

mystic rose said...

thats a very sweet picture of you. :)

well, hope he visits you soon.
Or, you could just use the absence to pen something. You are off to a good start already.