Thursday, 11 January 2007

Could be one of the Oscar winning speeches

In the spirit of International Thank You Day, I wish to express my gratitude to the following people and groups of people:

Dripping with honey
  • To my parents, for feeling frisky enough on the day I was conceived. (Blech and yuck too)
  • To J, for being, well, you.
  • To my Sister Person and Brother Person, thanks for being support pillars, confidants, another set of parents and pains in the butt too! :)
  • To my friends, you form all sorts of wacky additions to my life, I could not do without you.
  • To blogger... a portal of expression. What did people do before this?!?
  • To whoever thought of taking a cocoa bean and making the food of the gods (ie chocolate).
  • To my guardian angel and muse: always strong, silent and ever so helpful.
  • To God, for creating this ball of green, brown and blue.

Dripping with venom

  • To the taxi drivers, for being so gracious and courteous on the road.
  • To all the criminals for making this country such a splendid place to live it.
  • To the war lords, for actively contributing to every beauty queen's dream: world peace.
  • To the public transport department because they are faring so well in easing the congestion of JHB's roads.
  • To the health minister, for having such a wonderful and clear HIV/AIDS stance.
  • To the former deputy president for making baby oil a thing of revulsion.


saaleha said...

i may do a blog on this:)

Thank you Priya for being my muse today:)

Priya said...

Pleasure hon...

Zulu Boyz Shower Sales and HIV Prevention cc said...

how dare you?! how dare you insult the glorious Jacob Zuma? he has single-handedly allowed us to market our products as medical devices and thus increase our sales significantly. we are not amused.

Priya said...

RE Zulu Boyz Shower Sales and HIV Prevention cc
so its just about the rands...typical.