Wednesday, 3 January 2007

A glance and peek

This should have been done three days ago, but what the took over again. (boo-hoo)

A glance back

To 2006, you took away my darling Frosty baby (my lil poodle) but I knew sooner or later I had to say goodbye.

I feared it, it happened, I cried, ranted, raved and got very angry, but I now live with the void.

And to you, the one who has my heart, who broke it for a while but manged to soothe it again, I thank you. You are my one-man school. Not even distance can take anything away from us.

To those whom I found the beauty of South Africa with, what a grand time we had. Thank you for the adventure that does not seem to end.

A peek towards 2007

As all years, we laugh, we cry, there are days where we do not want to end and there are those that cannot end soon enough, we may want to kill some people, but would want to escape to a remote island with others and live forever, we carry on, to live, survive, exist, shed tears of depression, frustration, sadness and joy, euphoria and hope.

To some we will say an intentional and unintentional goodbyes, we will learn and travel to distant lands, within our own land and learn some more, jobs will end and others will begin and a simple hello can start a lifetime relationship.

We can lose weight and get stretchmarks or just be happy with how we are built.

We tell little white lies at work, take the "sick days off" simply to go and have coffee and yearn for the days when we had time.

Throughout it all we are lucky to have guardian angels and chocolates with us.

And you know....2007 will probably be the same.


A far cry from Shakespeare said...

A year passed
Lessons learned
Hearts broken, hearts mended
Characters built
Dreams realised!
Life lived

A year ahead
Lessons to be learnt
Hearts to be broken, hearts to be mended
Characters to be built
Dreams to be realised
Life to be lived
Ahhh, It's great to smell the roses,
It's even better being alive!!!!!!

Happy new year to one and all!!!!!

Jeets said...

The following phrase is apt as it is the start of a new year:

"Live life as if you were to die tommorow, Learn as if you were to live forever." Mahatma Gandhi

Priya said...

you so right jeets, on both counts.

Jeets said...

Can use that ice-cream right about now (or maybe a cold one) .... heat is unbearable, not more so than work though!