Friday, 15 June 2007

This new header means...

...that I know a certain genius someone, who is also brilliant when it comes to photoshop. Damn that girl has many talents!

And that certain someone has become my friend, a confidante and my sister.

We have experienced a world of adventures since we wrote profiles on each other in Journalism 101...who have have ever thought back then that I would be blogging about her today?!

So to you, dearest Susu, a heartfelt thanks...for the header, the laughs, the bitching sessions and the cake!

You are one of the best skanks I know.


Su said...



[and for the first time in my life, i have no other words]

luv u too my fav SHB :p

Priya said...


Jennifer Shirk said...

Looks fantastic! :)

SingleGuy said...

the header rocks...

I'm loving that you don't need to know HTML to modify the blogs on blogger....I also redid my header.

But the point of the post was well taken...good friendships are rare...cherish them.

Anonymous said...

NICE header yada yada yada. you're such a girl sometimes priya kins, speaking of which, i'm gonna miss the pink.

late night offensive thought, cocoa angel, sounds like a porn star. hahaha.
OK you get one free hit for my comment. but mind the face.

Lotus Reads said...

That's a really great header...wish I cud learn to make a decent one, mine sucks!

Priya said...

jennifer: thanks

singleguy; good friends are indeed rare...oh and your header rocks! just love it!

HHP: only you will think of that...that sordid mind of yours. i hit and kick below the belt and i give mean kidney shots so thanks for the free hit.

lotus reads: if u want to change it, you can google images that u like, maybe books as well to stick with your theme and upload it into blogger...but i love your colours, they are bright and happy! :)

~Lord Anshul said...

beautiful header :)

great work susu :)