Wednesday, 27 June 2007

White wonderland

Look at the snow on top of the leaves...looks like jewels for the picking

The snow on our front lawn....and a few of the neighbour's yards too.

Pictures by Priya


Little white angels gently caressing the air before falling to the is a pity that I missed it actually falling but I think I covered up when I ran out of the house in my PJs to take photos. A few neighbours may now think that I belong in an asylum...but what the hell? It was worth it. I even managed to make a mini snowball but there was no one to throw it at...DAMN!

Forgive my excitement, but I feel like a lil wee kiddie on Christmas morning...with the snow! Alright, here in Johannesburg we hardly ever get a chance to have this experience and it thrilled me to my bones.

Oh, and thanks to those who tried to wake me up last night to watch the snow as it fell. However, my phone was on silent so I stayed in dreamland instead of running out to play.


singlewheatfemale said...

ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh S.N.O.W.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow. And here I am fanning myself in this heat we're having here.

I could use a little snow now. Looks lovely.

(ps. my teeth are fine and pain meds are even better. LOL!)

Smita said...

Looks beautiful! A change in season is soooo welcome! Specially if after insane heat! ;D

Jackie said...

Thanks for popping by.

Great photos. We got a little snow in Norwood Johannesburg. It was just on the trees but made them look wonderful.

I love chocolate but being Vegan it is hard to find many dairy-free varieties here. Plus I also have to avoid companies that use child slave labour to harvest the crop....oh well keeps me from over indulging :)

r said...

LoL im very jealous about this. Snow in Durban is as likely as you getting sick of chocolate! did you see kman's snowmense?

Priya said...

singlewheatfemale: my sentiments exactly :)

jennifer: we were in the midst of a heatwave not too far back, and now it snows...damn global warming! oh, and i am glad your teeth are fine

smita: never were there truer words blogged

jackie: i really admire your discipline...the snow where i was stayed on the grass and trees, but melted on the raods and concrete. the best part was driving to work...JHB looked so beautiful!

R: Thanks for telling me about Kman...i saw and laughed at those snowmen thingies

queen_Lestat said...

We didn't get snow at all...we got this maader of an ice that settled though. Grass was white and stuff but it wasn't snow. *sigh* Though I did get to see remnants when I got to jhb, which was quite messy by then and not pic worthy.

Klatuu o embuçado said...

It snowed?? In South Africa?!? You should be worried! Earth is dying!


urban vegan said...

I live in the US, where it's summer, but just returned from Buenos Aires, where it's winter.

It's odd for me to see snow in your yard, when we have the air conditioning on. And it was odd for me to wear a sweater in BA, after walking around in shorts, herein Philadelphia. Needless to say, my Carcadian rhythms are messed up.

Enjoy! The snow sure is pretty--and decorates the earth.

Major_chip_hazard said...

Ya I get phone calls in the morning with people screaming,"WAKE UP JACKASS IT'S SNOWING".My front yard looked wicked,same with the park across the road.Got a stunning pic on my blog

Priya said...

queen lestat: sorry...big pity :(

klatuu: yeah, it is hey? things are changing and it is not for the better. Min you, though, is snowed year some 20 odd years ago.

urban vegan: enjoy summer while it lasts cos there is always this jovial atmosphere. but i still prefer winter.oh, and thanks for popping by.

major chip hazard: i seen the pics. thanks for the visit and the link