Friday, 1 June 2007

A bloody rude awakening

Its 2am. My nasal passages rival a bad orchestra as I happily trot around dreamland. A sudden light forces me to open my one eye that just accepts to wake up! Grrrrrr...

The Father Person: Priya, wake up. I want you to send a message for me. There is this competition on TV and you can win R10 000.
Priya: Wha?!
The Father Person: Just send the message *he actually explains how he got the right answer and it was so easy!*
Priya: *Types away with one eye open* Its not going through
The Father Person: Send it again
Priya: It is NOT going through... these things are just money making schemes! *fights to sleep again as she fumes*



Jennifer Shirk said...

Don't leave me hanging... Did it finally go through? And better yet, when will you know if you've won?

bibi-aisha said...

my dad is ecstatic he finally mastered the art of sms & is now (his words) a whiz on the internet :-)

but us kids still have to do their techno work for them!

~Lord Anshul said...

rofl...good !! my dad only know how to make calls...he never bothered to message..
but its worse..he'll call up[:P]

queen_Lestat said...

O that was hilarious.

I remember a few weeks back when my dad was using my pc and surfing and screams for me. Now pc being my baby I bolt, not for him, but for the sake of my pc. And doesn't he proclaim "OMG!!! How cool is this[ed-my dad actually talks like that at times]!!! I'm the 999 9999 999th person to hit on this site.!!!!!!"

To which I simply lol, shake my head and walk away, leaving him with strict instructions of not clicking on anything that pops up.

Nabeel said...

ahh so people do fall for these send a text message to 222-Win and all .. now we know.

Priya said...

jennifer: it was a wasted did not go through so there wsa no chances of winning.

bibi-aisha: wow! techno savvy parental unit do not know how to switch on a pc. *sigh*

lord ashul: your dad is one better than my dad then!

queen lestat: oooooh, your dad understood what a pop up is. lol

nabeel: its only people that do not know any better...ahem.. like the Father Person.. poor sod