Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Extreme makeover: blog edition

A disturbing thought fleeted into my mind: my previous pink template was something Paris Hilton would have liked and her role model, Barbie would have approved of it too. It was also girlie girl, and I only have a few girlie moments.

And though my love affair with pink is not over entirely, my pink blog was begging to be released out of its misery.

A nip, a tuck, months of pain (translated into a couple of split seconds in blog time)and a few brush strokes later: voila!


queen_Lestat said...

I heart it even more now. Though, your blog was pink *retch* the content's always made me smile :)

This one's a whole lot more chocolatey and has that feel of a book somehow. Something oak panelled and aged. *sigh*

Yes, I don't have a life ;)

Priya said...

my thoughts exactly - like an old book: very warm and friendly :)and the brown makes for a choco feel too

thanks :)

~Lord Anshul said...

its so chocolate...really graceful color :)