Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The mother of it all

Grey is the colour of my Cape Town trip

Dammit! How is this for luck: I trek to Cape Town after a whole 19 years and what do I see? Well, not much. For one thing, there is Table Mountain and I was gleefully going to take pictures and brag that I finally seen it again. However, she seemed rather shy and preferred to cover herself up in clouds and rain. Yes, that is what she decided to wear even after not seeing her for almost 20 bloody years.

Oh and the other attractions you may ask? Like the V&A Waterfront that was a mere escalator away from me. Well, let me tell you that because the wind seemed so angry I thought it would be safer to stay in the hotel room. She may have blown me away and I could feel her rocking the stopped car underneath. If the car had been lighter, I shudder to think what could have happened. She was out for revenge I tellya! She also had this cold cold bite, that I felt in my bone marrow. Brrr...

Weather in Mpumalanga also had her moods - going through PMS I reckon. But I did manage to fit in canoeing, a bird trail and being thrown into a freezing cold pool. S.O, his family and I went. Let me admit, I was a tad nervous, not like I have been on holiday with the entire family before. But it was fun and S.O has the potential to be a traveller after all. Now we just have to pack our bags and hit the road (or sky) again.

The sun was behaving quite strangely as well. I am not sure what was happening, but the sun was a shade of orange that I have never seen before. The end of the world perhaps? In addition, when I pulled out my camera to take a photo, a line appeared through the sun. Thinking there may have been something wrong with me camera, I checked with the other one. And lo and behold, there was the line through the sun again. Quickly, I began to snap away. Alas, the line did not appear in the photo itself. But at least I got pictures of the weird orange sun and the cheese yellow moon.

An orange sun?

A very yellow moon

Pictures by Priya


Jennifer Shirk said...

Hey, they're pretty cool pictures! Especially the yellow moon.

Glad you had a good time despite the weather.

qdee said...

yeah, those pics are awesome :)
i went to this beautiful resort in umhlanga called Cabana Beach..it rained the entire week, even the deckchairs flew into the pool lol.
but looks like you made the most of it ;) hope you had tons of chocs!

Priya said...

jennifer: thanks...gotta make the most ot of holidas no matter what happens.

qdee: lol about the deck chairs! and chocs are always with me - i managed 2 slabs over 4 days :)

mystic rose said...

the top pic looks awesome indeed. I can just about imagine the weather then. i have had holidays like this too, weather changing plans. its still fun, tho.

Klatuu o embuçado said...

Those moons have been the night sky of so many portuguese sailors in the past...


Sal-laden sea, how much of all your salt
Is tears of Portugal!
For us to cross you, how many sons have kept,
Vigil in vain, and mothers wept!
Lived as old maids how many brides-to-be
Till death, that you might be ours, sea!

Was it worth while? It is worth while, all,
If the soul is not small.
Whoever means to sail beyond the Cape
Must double sorrow - no escape.
Peril and abyss has God to the sea given,
And yet made it the mirror of heaven.

Fernando Pessoa
Translation to English by Peter Rickard
Emmanuel College, Cambridge


Dark kiss.

Mimi said...

Im so jealous I would kill to live in Africa! xx MIMI

Raghav said...

the pictures seem very dusky, like u said grey seems to be the colour

Major_chip_hazard said...

That moon pic is a stunner I've seen it a few times like that.Never have my camera on me to document it.As for the mother city,I'd go straight back to the airport and fly back home if the weather was as crappy as that.Not nice seeing her all moody like that

queen_Lestat said...

mimi lol if you lived in Africa the chances of you getting killed ARE much higher lol.

very pretty pictures. :)

holiday pics always remind me of the tons I still gotta upload on graphic descriptions. :/

Nabeel said...

wow a storm in the sea, great picture .. and trust me it gets a lot more rough. The sea looks mighty

r said...

Winter in kaapstad is awful. Good company is essential =)

r said...
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