Friday, 6 July 2007

In his words

Priya: We'll be going to the UB40 concert straight after work.
The Father Person: Okay.
Moment of silence.
The Father Person: So, you will be seeing that guy who always wears glasses?
Priya: Who? Wha?
The Father Person: That one...the one who is an activist, that political one.
Priya: *thinks* Oh no, that's Bono from U2.
The Father Person: So who are you going to see?
Priya: UB40
Moment of silence
The Father Person: So, there is a U20 and a U30 then...see the comic strip in the paper *roars laughter*


Babe King said...


Raghav said...

hmm clueless or just funny ?!

mystic rose said...

cute! :))

Jennifer Shirk said...

Too funny! :)

Bilal said...

they should perhaps call themselves UB50 now!
how was it? going tonight:)

Priya said...

raghav: methinks a bit of both

bilal: twas fun...very full. how was live earth then?

Jackie said...

LOL I am just as bad as I muddle both up, must be age or something. Love both bands but wish they had names I could keep in my mind.