Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Save the cheerleader. Save the world.

On Newsday:

NBC's surprise-hit fantasy drama "Heroes" was named program of the year last night at the 23rd Television Critics Association Awards in Beverly Hills. NBC also took two other major trophies: best new program for its ratings-challenged drama "Friday Night Lights" and best comedy for "The Office." HBO was a repeat winner in drama for its last season of "The Sopranos," which additionally earned the 220-member group's Heritage Award for enduring impact on media and culture.

Individual achievement honors reached beyond the usual suspects.

Michael C. Hall's title portrayal in Showtime's quirky new serial-killer saga "Dexter" took TCA's drama category, while the critics' comedy nod went to Alec Baldwin's breakout work as a loopy TV executive in NBC's "30 Rock."

Discovery Channel's breathtaking high-definition nature panorama "Planet Earth" took two category awards, in news/information and movies/miniseries/specials. ABC Family's teen-led fantasy drama "Kyle XY" won for children's programming.

The TCA's prestigious award for career achievement went to Mary Tyler Moore in a ceremony at the Beverly Hilton hotel ballroom, familiar site of the Golden Globes. Her long-ago "Dick Van Dyke Show" cohorts Dick Van Dyke and Carl Reiner are among the award's previous recipients.


And after a Heroes marathon this past weekend, I am enthralled by it and want a second marathon. This show leaves me astounded, it really does.

Oh and I am loving Peter Petrelli (played by Milo Ventimiglia). He is quite the dish - a yummy one. Hmmmm...


Bilal said...

end of season 1 dissapointed!
any idea when season 2 starts?

The Organ Harvester said...

Season starts broadcast sometime in August.

I know I have been so depressed since I watched the last episode. What do you think is the appeal with that show? because everyone loves it.

susu said...

thanx for the marathon, my fellow compulsive hero-watcher :p

Priya said...

bilal: i have tried to google it, but alas, no success :(

OH: I reckon its in the way the characters are both so ordinary and extraordinary, how they deal with it and how they reach new heights, tis figurative of the way life is.

susu: ta