Saturday, 5 May 2007

Time Travel IS possible

Freddy's baaaacccckkkk...

Well, maybe not quite. But the Nightmare on Elm Street DVDs are out. The Sister Person bought them and I was bursting the seams of my jeans to watch them. However, I only got through number one of seven thus far.

Those screechy knives for fingers, glamorous burnt skin and that red striped T-shirt - he leaves many girls screaming, even though it is in terror.

But Freddy seemed to be quite the comedian now. Alright, but there are a few scenes that stuck out in my memory like the succulent Johnny Depp (even with his big hair and narrow narrow jeans, there is no other word to describe him) being suctioned by his bed or Tina being killed on the ceiling.

And today on the Disney Channel I came across The Little Mermaid. Okay, so confession time: I was crazy about this movie, specifically Ariel. More than having memorised the dialogue (and I still remember it to this day!), I had the doll, the books, the jammies, the clothes. You name it and ten year old Priya had it (or whatever age I was back then). I still have it all packed away.

Ah, the way movies can serve as time travel machines. Screw those scientists who refute the possibility of it!


The K-man said...

OOOOOOO FREDDY KRUGER!!!! Now thats a classic from childhood. Remember the nursery rhyme :

One, two, Freddy's coming for you
Three, four, better lock your door
Five, six, grab your crucifix
Seven, Eight, better stay up late
Nine, ten, never sleep again!

Oooo what memories :)

Anonymous said...

I love the classics. the fact i know this is a sign i'm getting old. my latest is 80'S tv shows. flipping incredible. 80's horror with it's gratuitous porn. i love the 80's.

Jennifer Shirk said...

LOL! I had NO idea they made 7 Nightmare on Elm Streets. I saw the 4th one (I think it was the 4th one) The one that was 3D.

Love the Little Mermaid, too! My friend worked at a movie theater, so he got me the movie poster for my college dorm room. LOL!

Ahmed said...

Haha, I remembering so scared of those movies...I had to hide my face behind a pillow while my older cousins watched.

Raghav said...

u dont need movies to time travel, all you need is the mind.

~Lord Anshul said...

ohh you have got extreme taste..nightmare on elm street and little mermaid :D
but i shud prolly confess NOES is one hell of a gory movie..i have seen two..dun remeber which one though.

and i luv disney movies..they are soo cute. i was crazy about talespin when i was a kid.

saaleha said...

chatting with the housemates last night about the stuff that defined growing up in the 90's :)
nightmare on elm street was one of them.

oooh remember IT?
i loved the book.
them deathlights were some freaky shit.

Priya said...

the k-man: that rhyme still gives me the chills!

hamish: the 80s certainly had its good points, except the dire fashion.

jennifer: 3D? I have to look into that. i just remember being to scared to sleep alone after watching those movies.

raghav: movies just act like a catalyst at times.

ahmed: you are so right! i used to try and hide my eyes too. but what thehell were our elder siblings and cousins letting us watch the movie for?!?!

lord anshul: it is rather extreme to be together however it fitted n with the movie theme.:)

saal: ooooh IT! Thanks to that clown I have hated clowns ever since. Honest, I cannot go to a circus. Clowns make my spine tingle with dread!