Thursday, 24 May 2007

Township time

Friday: Kliptown Informal Settlement
Monday: Daveyton
Tuesday: Lenasia South Informal Settlement
Wednesday: Tswelelang near Wolmaransstad

I have been spending many hours in these seemingly forgotten areas. It breaks my heart that in this day and age some people are still using the bucket system as a toilet. Some people still rely on gas stoves and candles. Some people have to share a single tap with an entire street. Some people have nothing more than one jersey to keep them warm even though temperatures have recently plummeted in South Africa.


Anonymous said...

That is why SA is so desperately a third world country. It's something that we dont think about but most South Africans dont have the luxury or running water, leave alone electricity. The situation gets worse when you make considerations to the dispersal of knowledge, acces to adequate medical care, access to justice, police protection. The list is endless and really opens your own eyes to how lucky we all are. Even the really bad bloggers.

Priya said...

who are the really bad bloggers? c'mon, dish out the dirt! :)

the situation is dire and I am afraid that it can really spell disaster for our young democracy!