Monday, 23 January 2012

Chocolate Monday: Week 3

Picture found here: Imgfave.
It is a morning filled with dense, grey clouds and mist that hovers around like ghosts. This is very unusual for Johannesburg, but I do so love it. It is perfect for an indulgent lie-in but alas, it is Monday! It makes me crave things like hot chocolate and biscuits.

Talking about chocolate, S.O* asked yesterday:
" many blocks of chocolate is okay for consumption? Just had six small blocks - the small ones. Hmm....dammit this fruit and nut [chocolate]."
My gut response: there is never enough chocolate that can be consumed!

*S.O = Significant Other
Chocolate Mondays have been created to banish Monday Blues, or at least lessen the sting of a new working week.  


Azra said...

I'm loving these clouds too. And DAMN that hot chocolate looks good!

PS. It doesn't count as six blocks when there's fruit and nut inside ;)

Miss Molly said...

i could totally dive into that pic right now and consume whatever that chocolately drink may be! 6 blocks of choc is really too little :(

Prixie said...

Azra: I will pass on that very wise message to S.O. :)

Miss Molly: It IS too little!