Monday, 15 February 2010

What's V.D* without cup cakes?!

One way ticket to cupcake heaven! 

A work colleague and soul mate, with a passion for cooking and baking that surpasses mine, created these divine V.D* creatures. She used a basic vegan recipe and made it into a gourmet master piece(s)! The sweetness mixed with a hint of coffee left me shivering and tingling from it's decadence. It is so good, I think it is sinful!

*No it is not that you little pervert. V.D = Valentines Day


Being Brazen said...

Love cupcakes - yum yum

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

choclate + cupcake= love. =)

Azra said...

*SIGH* Its like I can taste them from have some wonderful torture tactics. I should learn from you :D

Jo said...

....and so now we all know that I am a little pervert because I thought this was a whole new medical finding. I did get my mind around the whole concept and wording and figured it out for myself before your page even opened. I will blame this malfunction of my brain on the ever present fibro fog that seems to visit me more often than I care to entertain it. Hope your V.D. was one to remember..... {{{Hugs}}}

Prixie said...

BB and ChinkyGirlmel: :)

Azra: torture tactics? lol...that is one way of looking at it. i want to merely spread the sweet tooth love :)

Jo: LOL! :) can i call you lil perv?! kidding. SO GLAD at least one person figured it out :) ((((hugs back))))

Flying Stars said...

Hey. I've got a Rock Star Blogger Award for you on my blog. Come see. I think you deserve it :D